About the Creative City: 
Areguá is a crafts city located on the shores of Lake Ypacarai and 30 km from Asunción. Although principally renowned for producing pottery, the city also offers a great range of popular arts including music and dance. Home to over 450 pottery workshops, Areguá is regarded as one of the three key pottery cities of Paraguay. Due to its Urban Cultural Heritage, Areguá was recognised as a national Cultural Heritage site in 1997.
Areguá endoreses and cultivates its crafts sector through fairs and festivals including the annual Strawberry Fair. This popular event gathers thousands of visitors to celerbate and partake in the strawbarry harvest. Alongside this, The Nativity Crèche Fair is the most representative event of the crafts sector, involving over 200 artisans, and is held during November and December. Together both events support the economy, not only through employment opportunities, but financially, generating nearly $US 500,000 for the local community.
In recent years, the Municipality has actively supported the local creative industry through a number of initiatives including The Revitalization of the Central Walkway Project in which arts and crafts were used to improve the urban outlook of the city. Many restorations and building projects have also been conducted with the aim of developing creative spaces for local artists and craftsmen. The restoration of the Senator building in 2015, and the creation of the Cultural Space of the “Heroes of the Chaco Square” are now hotspots for artists and tourists, offering great space and freedom for artistic activities.
Added Value: 
As a Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art, Areguá envisages:
  • contributing to achieving the objectives of the Creative Cities Network, adding its commitment to support popular arts and crafts;
  • strengthening the creativity and the cultural industries by promoting them through its development plan;
  • cooperating with the Network at the international level, providing opportunites for knoweldge transfer, opening its doors to the enriching exchange; and
  • driving policies which support culture, research and training, with the aim of encourageing the city's creative economy, recognizing creativity as a driver of change and sustainable development.
Member since: 
Ms Gabriela Frers Mullor, Executive Director Municipality of Areguá areguacultura@gmail.com