Creative Caribbean - An Ecosystem of “Play” for Growth and Development

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Creative Caribbean - An Ecosystem of “Play” for Growth and Development

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Enabling Environment Grants


Creative Caribbean is a new grant facility for the cultural and creative sector in 15 countries in the Caribbean. This regional support programme is part of the ACP-EU Culture Programme financed by the 11th European Development Fund and implemented globally by the Organization of African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) States. In the Caribbean region, the project is being implemented by UNESCO Cluster Office for the Caribbean, The University of the West Indies and the CARICOM Secretariat.

This funding will help successful applicants develop projects and initiatives to grow more globally competitive businesses, strengthen the enabling environment that supports the sector in relation to policy, planning, incentives and legislation and facilitate increased training and capacity building. It is anticipated that the funding will enable established creatives to scale their operations and assist export ready creatives to expand into new markets, including strengthening capacity to access and use digital marketing and distribution platforms. 


Grant Schemes

Grant applications are invited to strengthen the enabling environment for creative and cultural industries under the following Grant Schemes:

  1. Visual Literacy/Performing Arts (awards up to US$47,000)

This Scheme seeks to enhance institutional support, curricula development, and training experts to boost existing activities in schools such as curricula design and teacher training.

Eligible activities:  Develop curricula, training, emerging institutions, programmes, content; support for cinema/theatre and institutions of artistic education, dance schools, writers’ residencies (including new communication technologies), on-the-job training, peer learning, e‑learning.

Eligible Entity/Categories of Persons: Secondary/tertiary institutions, Local authorities, Government Agencies (quasi-government), National or Regional examining bodies; Registered Organisations, Entities and Individuals (OEIs) and those with proven track records in CCI projects.   

  1. National Artist Registry (awards up to US$47,000)

This Scheme aims to design culturally relevant national registries of artists, cultural and creative professionals and industries in order to support the framework for a regional creative registry.

Eligible activities: Develop national registries, mobile applications, software programming, interdisciplinary texts, websites.

Eligible Entity/Categories of Persons: Agencies/Departments (quasi-government), Local Authorities,  Digital Specialists, Students, Legal professionals/institutions.

  1. Cultural Policy, National Implementation Plans, Legislation, Institutional Strengthening (awards up to US$47,000)

This Scheme aims to develop/revise national cultural policy, national implementation plans and legislation.

Eligible activities: New/revised policies, implementation plans, institutional strengthening, draft legislation.

Eligible Entity/Categories of Persons: Creative clusters/hubs, professional associations and guilds, Agencies/Departments (quasi-government), Local Authorities, other organisations or groups within the sector

  1. Creative City Sub-sector Accelerators (awards up to USD 95,000) 

This Scheme will be coordinated in synergy with existing third party creative hubs and creative cities initiatives to facilitate intensive entrepreneurial incubation and acceleration. The accelerator experience will begin with online engagement followed by an intensive face-to-face 5-10-day residency that equips grantees with fundamental tools and skills for planning, testing, and delivering a product or service that achieves market success. The accelerators will support participants with 6 months of mentorship following the residency.

Eligible activities: Activation of new skills, networks or market access, institutional strengthening through the purchase of equipment and materials, further development of technological platforms, enhanced marketing or in-country training of additional persons by accelerator participants. Eligible Entity/Categories of Persons: Professional arts organizations, guilds, communities, cultural associations, non-profit organizations, festivals in music, film, animation and gaming and the visual arts.