National learning platforms and tools

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  • Tele aulas(TV) - Transmission of tele classes with didactic content broadcasted by the Tele Aulas channel, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the Public Television of Angola.


  • Botswana Educational Television - The Ministry of Education and Skills Development confirmed the launch of the educational television mid-April, broadcasting classes through TV to assist distance learning.

Burkina Faso    

  • Burkina Info -  The TV channel Burkina Info is broadcasting educational programs during school closures, with special emphasis on mathematics, physics, chemistry, French and philosophy.

  • RNB, Ouaga FM, Savane FM, Watt FM, Oméga FM and national radio - Private and public radios broadcast educational contents focusing on pupils in grades ahead of examinations. 

Cabo Verde    

  • Radio Educativa - Educational programs such as 'Educa com TIC' and 'Aprender e Estudar em casa' broadcasted on Radio Educativa channel for teachers, parents and students..


  • CRTV - Since 6 April, daily educational programs are broadcasted on CRTV both in English and in French to assist learning from home, with special focus on exam preparation.

Central African republic     

  • Radio Ndeke Luka - The Central African Ministry of Education, UNICEF and Radio Ndeke Luka created and supported by Fondation Hirondelle in CAR, launched radio-based education programmes.  Every day, at 5:05 p.m. Bangui time, numeracy and reading lessons in French and Sango, the national language, are broadcast to support the Ministry of Education's action for the affected children.


  • EduTchad - Official e-learning platform of Chad contanaining online courses and material for secondary school students, launched mid-April to facilitate learning from home. The platform includes classes both in Arabic and in French.
  • GoClass - E-learning platform for primary and secondary school students in Chad, created in April to assist continuity of learning during the COVID crisis.


  • Télé Congo - Educational programs broadcasted on Tele Congo TV channel to support continuity of learning.

Cote d'Ivoire

  • Ecole Numerique - A platform of pedagogical resources created by the Ministry of Education intended for preschool, elementary, middle and high school students.

Democratic Republic of the Congo    

  • EDUC TV - Educational television broadcasting classes for primary and secondary school students.
  • Voda Educ - E-learning platform launched by the Ministry of Primary, Secondary and Vocational Education to facilitate distance learning during the health crisis.


  • Cours Télévisés - TV and radio classes are transmited by the Radio Télévision Djibouti, according to a specific shedule since the 1st of April. 
  • E-learning platform Menfop - Official e-learning platform introduced by the Ministry of Education.

Equatorial Guinea    

  • Escuela en casa - Online platform created by the Ministry of Education, University Teaching and Sports for distance learning, containing a variety of online lessons.
  • Escuela en mi casa - An educational program called 'Escuela en mi casa' broadcasted on national radio and national TV channels to assist learners during school closures.


  • E-textbooks - Textbooks for teachers and students in electronic format provided by the Ministry of Education.


  • QTV and GRTS, Gambia Education TV (GETV) - Education programs broadcasted daily on QTV and GRTS channels and at the same time on various radio stations.


  • XGEST - Platform created by the Ministry of National Education to facilitate distance learning for various grades.


  • GLTV - Ministry of Education broadcasts educational programs through GLTV, a free-to-air National Television Chanel.  All classes broadcasted on TV are also broadcasted on the radio. 


  • M'booré - "Online courses in different subject areas for grade levels facing national examinations. 
  • Ma réussite entre mes mains - A platform for online classes, podcasts, e-books and self-assessment excercices for students.
  • Startime - Classes broadcasted on radio and television classes for the grades preparing for national examinations.


  • KCID – Distance learning content provided by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, including an e-library.
  • KEC - Portal created by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development offering a library of digital resources for pre-primary, primary and secondary school students.


  • MoE distance learning project - Educational programs provide continuity of instruction and engage students meaningfully at home utilizing national and community TV and radio stations for all learners at home from early childhood education to secondary education during the coronavirus crisis.


  • Kilasi pour tous - The Ministry of National Education and Technical and Vocational Education (MENETP) has designed a programme called "Kilasi" to help students during this period of confinement. 'Kilasi pour tous' has been broadcast on the national channels RNM and TVM since Wednesday, April 8. 


  • Notesmaster -  Online platform for distance learning developped in cooperation with the Ministry of Education. 
  • MCDE - Lessons broadcasted through radio channels in collaboration with the Malawi College of Distance Education covering primary school grades.


  • ORTM - The national television of Mali broadcasts educational content starting from 14 April for primary and secondary levels.


  • Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) - Educational lessons are broadcasted by MBC on four different channels for students from Grade 1 to Grade 9. The lessons have been prepared with the collaboration of the Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE), the Open University of Mauritius, the Mahatma Gandhi Institute and individual teachers.


  • RadioEscola and TeleEscola - Classes in different subject areas broadcasted by the Radio Moçambique and Televisão de Moçambique for primary, secondary and TVET students. 


  • Namibia Reads - Namibia Reads is an application promoted by the Ministry of Education consisting e-books, activities and quizzes for children aged from 3 to 12  years.


  • Radio classes - Educational content broadcasted through various radio stations (Prestige FM Minna, Zuma FM Suleja, Landmark Kontagora, Crystal FM Minna and Power FM Bida) since mid-April for secondary school students.


  • Ministry of Education - A platform developed by the Task Team responsible for Coordinated Education response to COVID-19 pandemic to provide information, guidance, and resources for the continuing education and individualized learning of children at home.


São Tomé and Príncipe 

  • Escola em Casa - TV classes broadcasted by the Ministry of Education through the Santomean Television channel.


  • Apprendre à la maison - Resources provided by the Ministry of National Education for pre-school, primary school and secondary school aged students
  • Télé-école - An educational and school television station, transmitting daily lessons to pupils approved by the Ministry of National Education.

Sierra Leone    

  • Radio Teaching programme 95.3 FM - Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Basic and Senior School Education (MBSSE) and the Teaching Service Commission have launched a radio teaching programme for children and adolescents. The programme covers the core curriculum subjects for primary to senior secondary level education.

South Africa     

  • ePortal - E-learning portal of the Western Cape Government, containing different types of resources available in English and Afrikaans for use by students and teachers.
  • Ministry of Education - A number of online courses and reading material made available on the site of the Ministry of Education for different grade levels to facilitate learning from home during school closures.

South Sudan     

  • Radio Miraya and SSBC Monday - The educational programs broadcasted on Radio Miraya and SSBC cover English language, mathematics and science subjects. 


  • TBC Radio,  Azam TV, Chaneli Ten, and ZBC Radio - The Ministry of Education in Tanzania in collaboration with the Tanzania Institute for Education has prepared educational programs for primary and secondary level students to continue learning during school closures, aired through TBC Radio,  Azam TV, Chaneli Ten, and ZBC Radio.


  • Kolibri Uganda: The National Information Technology Authority partnered with UNICEF to introduce Kolibri countrywide, a free e-Learning platform to assist children during the school shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform is available online and offline, with education content approved by the National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC).
  • UBC TV, CBS Radio, Star FM - The Ministry of Education and Sports arranged for broadcasting of lessons via TV and radio channels regularly during school closures. 


  • Smart Revision - A national e-learning platform created by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with ZamTel assisting students in grades 7, 9 and 12 preparing for examinations.
  • ZNBC channel - The Zambian National Broadcasting Channel opened an educational program dedicated to the provision of classes during the closure of schools and beyond.


  • Ruzivo - The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, in partnership with the Higher Life Foundation offer free online educational material to learners during the ongoing lockdown.




  • ONEFD – The National Bureau for Distance Education and Training (Office national d’éducation et de formation à distance) of the Ministry of Education provides online learning platforms in different subjects for all academic levels. 


  • EduNET – Provides various educational services for all school levels and enables communication between faculty members, students and parents.


  • Elearning - Another platform provided by the government for e-learning targeting kindergarten, primary and secondary school students.
  • MOE E-Learning - Official E-Learning portal of the Ministry of Education, including interactive programs, virtual lessons, electronic books.


  • Educational channel on YouTube - Lectures by the educational television for all levels provided by professors and the General Directorate of Curricula and produced by the Educational TV Directorate.


  • Darsak - Official e-learning portal of Jordan, including video lessons for primary and secondary school students.
  • Noorspace - A unified electronic system for all schools to communicate and organize work between schools, teachers, students and parents through an electronic portal fed by the School Information Management System of Jordan in cooperation with the educational resource repository for teachers.
  • Teachers platform - A site provided by the ministry for teachers to prepare them for distance education, containing online courses and other materials.


  • E-learning portal - Official e-learning portal provided by the Ministry of Education for students, teachers, parents and school administators.
  • MOE video channel – A dedicated YouTube channel featuring video lessons and conferences from teachers.


  • MEHE - Official learning application of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education with information for teachers and other education personnel.


  • Libya Al-Ahrar Channel - The Ministry of Education broadcasts lessons via the Al-Ahrar TV channel for different grades.
  • School-ly - Libyan portal for e-learning, including an electronic library of lessons corresponding to the national curriculum.


  • Elearning platform - The platform allows students graduating from secondary school to continue the remaining courses online with the help of video lessons and e-books.
  • Radio Mauritanie and TVM - The Ministry of Fundamental Education and National Education Reform created an experimental program for distance training through public media for the benefit of students in 6th grade.


  • TaalimTice - A collection of videos by subject area provided by the Ministry of Education.


  • Oman Mubasher Live TV and Oman Culture Satellite Channels - TV channels diffusing distance education lessons for grade 11 and 12 students, according to a specific schedule for all subjects.
  • MoE platform - The digital education platform of the Ministry of Education allows students to access interactive educational content and interact with their teachers during school closures.


  • It-Mohae - Official portal provided by the Ministry of Education, including learning materials by grade and subject area based on the national curriculum.


  • Ministry of Education channel - A compilation of 1700 online lessons uploaded continuously to the Youtube channel of the Ministry allowing students to follow their classes at a distance.

Saudi Arabia

  • Future Gate - Interactive platform providing interactive digital content, virtual classrooms, as well as syllabi for teachers.
  • Ien National e-portal - Official online learning portal of the Ministry of Education with course material for grades from pre-primary up to secondary education.
  • IEN TV Channels - 20 satellite TV channels providing live broadcasting of curriculum explanations, lessons, and educational activities. 
  • Vschool - E-learning platform created by the Ministry of Education containing resources by grade level and subject area.

Syrian Arab Republic    

  • ECE Platform - Educational platform for early childhood education with video lessons and other materials.
  • Syrian Educational Platform - Official platform of the Ministry of Education containing interactive educational video and audio materials for primary and secondary school students.
  • Youtube channel - Youtube channel of the Ministry of Education with a repository of online classes.


  • CNTE - Portal of the National Center for Technologies in Education, containing a virtual library and other useful resources.
  • Edunet - Official online learning platform of the Ministry of Education, displaying information on examinations, digital school related projects, events and containing resources for learning 

United Arab Emirates

  • Alef Education - Online resources for students, parents and teachers provided in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

  • EduShare - An electronic depository of rich content and videos, easily accessible to teachers from the Learning Management System.

  • Learning Management System - The official Learning Management System of the Ministry of Education allowing students to access content for learning and communicate with the teachers.

  • Learning Curve - A professional development platform which allows all teachers to attend training courses online. 

  • MOE Library – A platform established by The Ministry of Education allowing teachers and students to view and interact with the learning curriculum electronically and to download electronic copies of books.

  • Swift Assess - The Ministry of Education's comprehensive assessment management platform.


  • Educational TV - Official Youtube channel of the Ministry of Education, containing educational videos of all levels.




  • Digital Content - A platform containg interactive multimedia content to teach Bengali, English, Mathematics, Science and other core subjects in alignment with the primary curriculum (first-fifth class) prepared by National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB). 
  • E-books - The National Curriculum and Textbook Board and the Access to Information (A2I) program of the Prime Minister's Office have initiated e-book production of all textbooks at primary and secondary levels.


  • MoEYS - Video lessons streamed by the Ministry of Education for different grade levels and subject areas broadcasted on Facebook.



  • FEMIS LIVE Version - The Ministry of Education's official education management system, including information and resources for schools, teachers and students.
  • RF One and RF Two radio channels - A set of planned supplementary programmes are shared daily by the the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts through the Schools Broadcasting Unit and Fiji Broadcasting Corporation on two radio channels, RF One and RF Two radio stations.


  • MHRD - A collection of different platforms suggested by the Ministry of Human Resource Development for online learning during the health crisis.
  • National Digital Library of India - An online library created by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, providing academic content by subject area for different levels of education, including lifelong learning.


  • Rumah Belajar - A platform providing learning content, learning management system for digital classroom and other resources that enable its users to interact, communicate online and organize distance learning activities.
  • SPADA - An e-learning platform provided for free at the moment for students of tertiary education.

Iran (Islamic Republic of)      

  • TV channels - Daily TV programs for all grades.
  •  SHAD - A learning management app provided by the Ministry of Education to assist learning during school closures.


  • Future Classroom – A collection of platforms pointing users to a variety of useful sites for teaching and learning. 
  • MEXT – Platform to support e-learning by age, level of education and subject. 



  • MoE-DL - Online learning platform provided by the Ministry of Education, containing digital textbooks, videos, online teaching applications and other useful resources.
  • Eduweb TV - Collection of online classes, videos and materials for teachers provided by the government.


  • Filaa - Educational platform developed by Maldives government providing online learning material for students and supports teachers
  • Yes TV - Public Service Media (PSM)'s YesTV is providing classes focusing on Grade 10 and 11 students in preparation for upcoming examinations. 


  • "Student Support Programme" - A large amount of resources  available for grades 7 to 9 organized by subject area.
  •  MBC TV channel - Online lessons aired on MBC channel to support at home learning.


  • Radio Jingle - The Ministry of Education Science & Technology in collaboration with other partners introduced radio programs with potential learning activities for children during lockdown. (Radio Annaapurna Kaski 93.4)

New Zealand

  • Learning from home - Official platform of the Ministry of Education for distance learning, offering different resources by subject area in English.
  • Ki te Ao Mārama - Learning resources in Maori from pre-primary up to secondary levels.
  • Papa Kāinga TV - The Home Learning program airs daily for young people aged between 0 and 15 for the duration of 1 month during the lockdown. 


  • Open Courseware - Portal of the Virtual University of Pakistan with a repository of course materials organized by subject area.


  • DepEd Commons - An online platform for public school teachers to support distance learning modalities to continue the delivery of basic education.

Republic of Korea

  • Educational Broadcasting system (EBS) – Provides advanced educational service by offering various multimedia content.

  • KERIS - A collection of different platforms are available at the site of the Korea Education and Research Information Service for online learning and OER.

  • Onschool – a portal providing learning materials for students and teachers for K12 levels. 


  • 2AP Radio Station - Radio lessons for different subjects broadcasted on 2AP radio station. 
  • MESC website - On-line resources on the website of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture for Early for Childhood Education, Primary Education and Secondary Education.
  • TV1 & National Channel - The “LA OSO O AOAOGA FOU” TV program broadcasts relevant content for ECE and primary school levels. 


  • E-learning center - A portal providing to primary and secondary students learning material and videos.


Solomon islands    

  • SIBC radio - Radio lessons produced since end of April by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development broadcasted on SIBC radio station.

Sri Lanka

  • Channel Eye and Nethra TV - State-run TV channels broadcasting educational content during the time of school closures.
  • E-thaksalava - The national e-learning portal of the Ministry of Education offering learning materials to facilitate learning from home for grade 1-12.


  • Digital Learning Centre - an online learning platform developed by the Office of Private Education Commission (OPEC) to provide education via internet connection to the general public and all elementary and secondary students nationwide during the coronavirus outbreak. 


  • ESKOLA BA UMA - Educational videos broadcasted on the Facebook site of the Ministry of Education for different grade levels.
  • Timorleste Learningpassport - E-learning portal of Timor-Leste containing various resources facilitating distance learning.


  • Moodle - The Ministry of Education has put in place a Moodle platform to faciliate continuity of learning during school closures.

Viet Nam 

  • Elearning - Official platform of the Ministry of Education for distance learning, offering Learning resources from pre-primary up to secondary levels divided by subject area.
  • National and local TV channels - Local and national television stations broadcasting lessons to ensure continuity of learning for students from grades 1 - 12.
  • Taphuan - Platform of the Ministry of Education containing resources for distance learning.




    • Online Platform - A collection of platforms and other resources collected by the Ministry of Education to facilitate distance learning. 


    • Education Television, RTA and private TVs - Educational programs are broadcasted in different channels in agrement with the Ministry of Education: Education Television for Kabul province, Radio Television of Afghanistan in 32 provinces and private TVs cover teacher training programs.


    • Dasaran - Provides free access to online encyclopedia on school subjects, e-books, contests and games to primary and secondary school students.  The system was created by the joint efforts of the Ministries of Education, Science and Culture of the Republic of Armenia.
    • Elearning – elearning portal of the Ministry of Education with different online courses by subject area.
    • Heravar  - a comprehensive distance education resources website containing a number of online resources and tools that are constantly updated.


      • E-resurs - A repository of free e-textbooks, e-tests, video lessons, and e-learning, created by the government. 
      • Elektron Dərslik Portalı - Electronic Textbook Portal – An e-books portal linked on the Azerbaijani Ministry of Education website.
      • - A collection of video lessons on all school subjects and grades. The video lessons are prepared in accordance with the general education curriculum and are recommended by the Ministry of Education to be used by learners during temporal school closure. 


      • Skola za zivot - A platform for distance learning and teaching with materials divided by grade and subject area.

      Czech Republic

      • Czech Television – A television broadcast project programme called UčíTelka (Teachers) providing first grade elementary school TV lessons. 


      • Education-nation – There is no official platform created by the Ministry of Education, however, the Ministry recommends to use a collection of digital solutions compiled by the Estonian initiative, Education Nation.
      • Ministry of Education - Information and resources provided by the Ministry of Education about school closures and distance learning, including a list of platforms to assist learning from home.


      • EL.GE - A platform supported by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, for teachers and students with thematic resources based on the national curriculum.
      • Email.mes - Instructive site of the government for public schools dedicated to the Covid crisis.
      • Feedc Edu - A national platform for online learning with the possibility for sharing tasks, uploading/downloading files, and conducting group lessons.
      • Teleskola - A TV programme that provides engaging lessons in various subjects to students of all ages.


      • Oktatas – A collection of resources published by the Ministry of Education for online teaching and learning.


      • Kazakhstan national open education platform - An educational platform established by leading universities of Kazakhstan. Offers online courses in the basic undergraduate disciplines studied in Kazakh and Russian.
      • Kundelik - A digital learning platform with tools and materials for representatives of educational institutions, as well as teachers, students, parents and administrators of educational institutions.
      • Uztaz - A portal for educators, provides access to free lesson plans and online courses.


      • Bilim Bulagy - An open educational portal endorsed by the Ministry of Education of Kyrgyzstan with free access to online lessons with videos for secondary school students (grades 5-9) in mathematics, biology, history, physics, chemistry, geography,  English language, Kyrgyz and world literature in Kyrgyz and Russian.
      • Ibilim - An open educational portal endorsed by the Ministry of Education of Kyrgyzstan with free access to online video and audio lessons for primary school students on mathematics, Kyrgyz, Russian, English languages, music and arts.
      • Lib - Open library of materials (including textbooks and guides for teachers) distributed under open license.
      • Kitep - Open e-library of the Ministry of Education of Kyrgyzstan.


      • MOE Guidelines - Guidelines developed by the Ministry of Education on remote learning with a list of distance learning platforms and resources.


      • Naujienos - a digital teaching platform with learning environments, methodological materials, teaching aids and other school-relevant information.


      • Econtent - Over 3020 tele-lessons  and 206 e-textbooks available for learners of K12 education.
      • Mongolian Television Association - 16 television channels of the Mongolian Television Association are  broadcasting TV lessons to students, parents and public in mongolian, kazakh, tuva and sign languages.

      North Macedonia    

      • TV-Classroom - The TV-Classroom is a collaboration between the Ministry, the Bureau for the Development of Education, UNICEF, children’s television producers OXO and national broadcaster Macedonian Radio and Television, and provides educational programs for K12 students.

      Republic of Moldova

      • TV Moldova 1 - A TV channel providing educational content for students of grades 9 and 12 to prepare them for the national examinations.


      • Educred - An online platform launched by the Ministry of Education and Research which centralizes different types of free digital resources and useful information in view of supporting teachers in using the new technologies during the learning activities with pupils.
      • Manuale - The digital version of all school textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education and Research can be accessed and downloaded for free on this dedicated platform.
      • Telescoala - A partnership between the Ministry of Education and Research and the Romanian National Television TVR, which offers courses to students of the VIIIth and XIIth grades, in order to prepare them for the upcoming national exams. The courses are available on TV and online (on Youtube, on the program's Facebook page, and on the websites of the TV channels).

      Russian Federation    

      • Russian e-school - An open educational platform supported by the Ministry of Education of Russia aimed at teachers, learners and parents providing free access to high-quality interactive lessons, practice and tests on all subjects from grade 1 to 11.


      • Proedus – A site containing video courses for preschoolers and primary school students created by the Center for Educational and Sports Projects Bucharest.
      • Telescoala – Dedicated site of the Romanian national tv to educational programs for 8th, 12th and 13th grades to prepare them for national exams. 


      • TV channels - Classes screened on two Serbian Broadcast Company TV channels, making them available for all children across the country. 


      • - a website created by the Ministry of Education, containing webinars, online lessons, recommendations for teachers, professional staff and parents.
      • Viki - a portal of educational contents divided by subject area launched by the Ministry of Education.


      • SIO – National portal for up-to-date information services, a training catalogue, an e-material repository and technical content support for primary and secondary level students and teachers.



      • Remote Educational System - The Ministry of National Education will launch a “remote educational system” free of charge on March 23 2020 with a television and internet-based curriculum on a national scale. Some online resources and applications are already available on the Ministry’s website.



        • - The official portal of the Ministry of Public Education of Uzbekistan which provides free access to teachers and learners to electronic textbooks, video lessons, tests, virtual laboratories, audio lessons, educational games, lesson plans, exit examination tests and other teaching and learning materials for all grades of primary and secondary school in Uzbek and Russian.
        • TV channels - Three national TV channels broadcast educational programs for primary school students, initiated by the Ministry of Public Education. The programs are being aired during all days of the week in three languages – Uzbek, Russian and English along with sign language translation. 
          UZEDU – A collection of resources by the Ministry of Public Education to facilitate learning during school closures. 




        • BMBWF – Website of the Austrian Ministry of Education, Science and Research dedicated to assist students and teachers with links, resources and information in support of distance learning.
        • – Resource portal of the Ministry with teaching materials for primary and secondary schools, sorted by subjects.


        • – Online platform with pedagogical resources for teachers and students from the Wallonia Brussels Federation. 
        • - Online platform with pedagogical and educational resources for teachers from Wallonia-Brussels Federation
        • Klascement - National OER platform of Belgium containing a variety of resources from pre-primary to adult education.



        • – A site supporting teachers in web development and brings access to educational material for all levels of education. 


        • - Learning portal by the MInistry of Education supporting teachers with digital resources for online teaching and learning.


        • – The new site of the Finnish National Agency for Education to answer the needs of students, teachers and families during the coronavirus outbreak.
        • OPH resources - A collection of resources and materials to support distance learning, provided by the Finnish National Agency for Education


        • Ma classe à la maison – The Centre national d'enseignement à distance provides a virtual classroom system accessible via smartphones and computers, enabling teachers to facilitate the organization of distance learning.
        • Maison Lumni - A 52-minute daily program dedicated to students aged 8 to 12, produced in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education, broadcasted on France 4, France 2 and France 5.



        • Home Learning Programme - Primary/Secondary schools have access to an online programme which provides children and their parents with a structured learning routine.


        • Educational Television - A TV program at the ERT2 channel aimed primarily at primary school students to continue learning during the health crisis.
        • Digital Educational Material - A platform launched by the Ministry of Education containing resources by grade and subject area.
        • Interactive School Books - Online book repository for students and teachers.


        • Iserasuaat - A repository of contents for students and teachers in primary, secondary and vocational education.


        • Ministry of Education webpage - A page dedicated to school closures because of COVID-19 on the site of the Ministry of Education, informing and advising parents on learning from home and how to ensure continuity of learning.


        • PDST -  A distance learning platform and collection of resources for teachers in order to provide continuity to pupils/students during the health crisis.
        • Scoilnet – The official portal for Irish education offering online resources to support schools, teachers, students and parents.


        • INDIRE webinars – National Institute for Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research (INDIRE)  platform providing webinars for teachers to support them in the adoption of distance learning methodologies and tools.
        • Nuovo Coronavirus webpage – The webpage of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education providing information and guidance for education practitioners and families on the education response to COVID-19.


        • Multi-Script- Provides digital teaching/learning materials for all types of schools in order to actively promote curriculum development.


        • - Digital resources from the Ministry of Education for students from early years to secondary school. 


        • Feide – The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training and Uninett temporarily opened Feide for free, the national platform for a variety of digital services in education and research.


        • - Learning portal by the MInistry of Education with online learning resources. 


        • Apoio à Escolas – Set of resources to support schools in the use of distance learning methodologies to enable them to continue teaching and learning processes.
        • Estudo em Casa - TV classes are broadcasted starting from 20 April for basic education (1 to 9 grade) to complement  the use of online tools.


        • Educlan – An online channel supported by the Ministry of Education that presents educational resources during the period of suspension of classes because of the coronavirus.
        • INTEF – Ministry of Education pedagogical resources to support distance learning.
        • Procomún – A collection of close to a 100,000 educational resources and learning objects in different formats created by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science with contributors of the educational community.


        • Skolahemma - A site supported by the Swedish National Agency for Education, offering materials for students and teachers to facilitate distance learning during the coronavirus crisis.


        • - Joint website of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation and the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education with information, links and resources in support of distance learning. 

        United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

        • DfE Online Education Resources - The UK government has brought together an initial list of online educational resources to help children to learn at home, offering a wide range of support and resources for pupils of all ages.




        National responses collected by UNESCO Santiago


        • Biblioteca Digital – A portal for students and teachers for all schools in the country to access more than a hundred classical books and novels.
        • Seguimos educando - Video lessons by subject for primary/secondary levels and materials for teachers to prepare them for online teaching.


        • Bahamas Virtual Learning Portal - A virtual learning portal by the Ministry of Education providing pedagogical resources for all students in the context of the current Covid-19 crisis.


        • Student Resources - The Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture has made educational resources available on its website for young learners (4-12 years) and teachers to encourage learning during the epidemic. Students resources have been uploaded every day since March 18th, 2020. 



        • Aprendo en línea – Online platform providing pedagogical resources for students from 1st grade of primary education to 4th year of secondary school.


        • 3, 2, 1 Edu-Acción - The Public Media System and the Ministry of Education have created a partnership to broadcast educational content for children and youth throughout the country.
        • Aprender digital - Educational resources, guides and applications collected to assist teachers to create content and conduct classes at distance.
        • Colombia aprende - Aprender digital: contenidos para todos – An online platform created by the Ministry of Education to support teachers, families and students in the process of e-learning in the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic.
        • Family Orientation - A family orientation guide for educational purposes was created to assist parents, students and teachers during the emergency situation.
        • Profe en Casa - The channel Señal Colombia broadcasts one hour educational content daily on TV and on Radio, entitled the “Profe en Casa” (home teacher).

        Costa Rica 

        • Aprendo en casa - A new strategy and platform created by the Ministry of Education that provides different digital resources in education from early childhood up to secondary schools.
        • Caja de herramientas – Digital ‘toolbox’ for teachers for conducting distance learning classes created by the Ministry of Education.


        • Canal Educativo - The television programming of Canal Educativo (Educational Channel) for the National Education System includes a total of 49 programs for all education levels, transmitted during fifteen days, with alternating schedules for primary education and retransmissions for the rest of the educational levels. 
        • CubaEduca - CubaEduca constitutes a virtual space and integrating platform, which provides a whole set of contents and services related to Cuban education.  It is an interactive, systemic, dynamic communication channel linked to the Cuban school curriculum.


        • Class Support Materials - The Ministry of Education of Dominica made available support materials on its website including English, Maths and Science videos and interactive simulations. 

        Dominican Republic    

        • Enlinea Minerd - A central portal containing curated content, classified by grade. Resources include a content repository, solutions for students and teachers, and a separate platform for secondary education.


        El Salvador


        • PRATIC - A platform of educational resources and digital learning solutions was introduced mid-April containing resources available for students, parents and teachers who are forced to stay at home during the COVID-19 crisis.
        • Télé Ecole - In collaboration with the National Television of Haiti and the Ministry of Education, an educational program with different subjects is broadcasted every day targeting primary and secondary school students.


        • M-Star Learning Support Platform - An intuitive educational platform for all public schools in Grenada, supporting traditional face-to-face classroom instruction, all models of blended learning and fully virtual online course delivery.


        • Aprendo en Casa - Guides and other documents created by the Ministry of Education providing suggestions for learning from home targeting students from early childhood up to secondary schools.
        • DIGECADE - Learning portal by the MInistry of Education with online learning resources for secondary school teachers.


        • Ministry of Education - Resources, articles and collection of online platforms are displayed on the site of the Ministry of Education assisting families, students and teachers in distance learning during the crisis.


        • Educatrachos -  Provides content, activities, tools and educational resources in different formats, designed to be used by teachers and students.


        • National Library of Jamaica - "The National Library of Jamaica (NLJ) is helping secondary-school students to prepare their School-Based Assessments (SBAs) via its online resources".


        • Aprende 2.0 - Resources of the Ministry of Public Education that seeks to promote the use of ICT to foster the development of digital skills. 
        • Aprende en casa por TV y en Línea – A program launched by the Ministry of Public Education of Mexico that provides TV lessons and online resources to support learning a home. This programme will transmit preschool, primary, secondary and high school education content based on the Ministry of Public Education curricula.
        • Libros de texto - Digital versions of all free textbooks to support learning at home.
        • TELEsecundaria – Previously existing system of distance education programs for high school students in rural areas of the country.


        • Educapanama – Online courses by the Ministry of Education for pre-, primary and secondary school students to follow classes from a distance. 


        • Biblioteca Digital - Provides a set of resources to support schools and teachers with educational materials and the possibility to design lessons directly in the platform.
        • Tu escuela en casa – Provides content, activities, tools and educational resources proposed by the Ministry of Education designed to be used by teachers and students.


        • Aprendo en casa - An online platform by the Ministry of Education, offering content for K12 levels and special education.
        • PerúEduca – A digital platform provided by the Ministry of Education offering services to the education community.

        Trinidad and Tobago


        • Plan Ceibal – Resources for teachers and students that are accessible from any device, as well as remote programs, which help mitigate the effects of the suspension of educational activities due to temporary closure of educational centers.


        • Cada Familia Una Escuela - A newly created TV program by the Ministry of Education, broadcasting educational and health related content during the confinement on the channel 'Venezolana de Televisión'.