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The Land of the Morning Calm in the UNESCO Courier

The UNESCO Courier has devoted many pages to the Land of the Morning Calm since 1950, when the magazine dedicated its October issue to the United Nations Appeal for assistance support following the Korean War.

In 1978, the December issue retraced several centuries of history to explore the many aspects of  Korean culture.

Discover the international campaigns for South Korean schoolchildren; the living legends of the haenyeo, the freedivers of Jeju Island; Dongui Bogam, the precious book of medicine; the passions of the pianist and conductor Myung-Whun Chung; Seoul at age 600, and much more, through the pages of the Courier

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Interview with Myung-Whun Chung, November 1994 (online article)

A Household god, December 1984 (PDF)

30,000,000 new Korean school books a year, July 1955 (PDF)

Executive Board approves use of $100,000 fund for urgent Korean educational needs, January-February 1951 (PDF)

One year ago this month the nations united to defend collective security, June 1951 (PDF)