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The UNESCO Courier is published quarterly in seven languages by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

It promotes the ideals of UNESCO by sharing ideas on issues of international concern relevant to its mandate. Since 2017, the magazine is published thanks to the generous support of the People’s Republic of China.

Director of Publication: Eric Falt

Executive Director: Vincent Defourny

Editorial Director: Jasmina Šopova

Production and Promotion Director: Ian Denison

Digital Production: Denis Pitzalis

Assistant Editor: Katerina Markelova

Section Editor: Xiaorong Chen

Digital Editor: Mila Ibrahimova

Photo Editor: Danica Bijeljac

Media Relations: Clare Sharkey

Language Editors:

Anissa Barrak
China Translation and Publishing House
Shiraz Sidhva
Isabelle Motchane-Brun
Marina Yaloyan
Lucía Iglesias Kuntz

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The UNESCO Courier

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