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The Diary of Anne

One day in June 1942 a little Jewish girl, hiding with her parents in occupied Amsterdam, received a note book for her 13th birthday. For two years she kept a diary which stopped three days before her family was arrested by the Nazis and she was sent to the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen where she died in March 1945. (Two months later the camp was liberated by British troops.) In her last entry on July I5, 1944, she wrote: "I have not abandoned my hopes even if they appear absurd and unattainable. Despite everything, I believe that at the bottom of their hearts people are not wicked... I continue to believe in the innate goodness of man." Anne's "Diary of a Young Girl" is one of the most moving stories of the last war. Spirited, modest, witty yet simple, it deserves to be read at least once by every young person. Translated into 20 languages, the Diary has been made into a film and has been staged successfully for years. Over 30 troupes once presented the play simultaneously in Germany.