Building peace in the minds of men and women

Progress, risk and responsibility

Today there is a certain degree of disillusionment about science, especially in the industrially developed countries. Science and scientific progress arc indeed raising urgent questions, for example in the field of genetics. Who should determine the priorities and choices of science and technologies and on the basis of which social goals? How can we define democratically the risks which can be considered as "acceptable"? What is the level of responsibility and solidarity which can be expected from individuals and groups in relation to both present and future generations?

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In this issue

Science and social responsability, by George Kutukdjian  

Energy: a fair deal for all, by Jean Audouze  

The right to know, by Nicholas A. Ashord  

The natural world, by Gordon Bennett and Nikita Lapoukhine 

The cultural heritage, by Gordon Bennett and Nikita Lapoukhine 

How predictable is nature?, by Jens Erik Fenstad 

Genetic testing and discrimination, by Michael Kirby 

May 1998