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Underwater archaeology

The past 25 years have witnessed the development of a new branch of archaeology in which the waters of the seas, lakes and rivers are being systematically explored by the underwater archaeologist. To meet the growing demand for information on this subject, Unesco has just published a book entitled "Underwater Archaeology A Nascent Discipline" in the series Museums and Monuments.

Although primarily intended as a practical working tool for the specialist in the field, this highly readable and absorbing book is certainly destined to become one of Unesco's "best sellers", of interest to a wide and popular audience. The book is divided into two major parts: Part I focuses on, the major achievements in underwater archaeology and the sites and wrecks excavated; Part II examines the main problems facing archaeologists today, the new techniques used, diving "saucers" and other submarine apparatuses, as well as underwater photography, photogrammetry, etc. An appendix to the Unesco book gives examples of recent legislation on effective measures for the protection of sites and wrecks. Much of the material published in this issue is directly taken from or inspired by this new Unesco volume.

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May 1972