Building peace in the minds of men and women

All wars are fought against children

It is in the nature of things that chidren can never win a war - and it is In the nature of things that all wars are waged against children. Some weapons are aimed at them directly - and children lose their lives, their eyesight. their arms and legs and mental faculties, just as if they, were soldiers. These are only some of the victims, for, finally, every weapon has the same target. The mere existence of a tank or a gun means there are fewer hoes and scythes and tractorsless food for the children. Even before the guns start firing, the arithmetic of war deprives the children of their natural providers, the fathers who till the fields, build the homes and get the fuel to keep them warm. When the shooting is over, it is not the dead who count their dead, for it is the children who reckon their losses, and finally pay the tragic reckoning for all the wars.

While all of decent mankind is revolted by war, the road to peace is not yet clearly marked. 

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May 1950