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The metamorphosis of Cairo

There is one most striking example of alienation in architectural design and planning in the modern Arab city. This is the replacement of introversion in the design of the Arab house, in which the living-rooms open on to the courtyard with its marble fountain, trees and aromatic flowers acting as a temperature regulator and protecting the intimacy that characterizes Arab family life, by extroversion, in which the livingrooms open on to the street with its  black asphalt, exhaust fumes and noise.

Hassan Fathy

The Cairo of the future is an intriguing and enlightening subject of research. Suffering as it does today from most of the urban disorders typical of many other Arab cities, Cairo constitutes an ideal target for a case study.

Hassan Fathy

Architecte et urbaniste égyptien, Hassan Fathy a consacré sa vie au développement de techniques permettant une construction économique et adaptée aux besoins du tiers monde. En 1946, il a commencé à travailler au nouveau village de Gourna, près de Louxor en Egypte. Avec son architecture d'une grande beauté utilisant la terre crue et inspirée des traditions locales, ce village apparut comme une solution révolutionnaire.