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Spin-off: the fruit of space research

Much has been written on man's conquest of space in the past twelve years, crowned by the two successful landings on the moon by U.S. astronauts in 1969. Less appreciated, but perhaps far more significant than the spectacular aspects of space exploration itself, are the spin-off benefits that is, the vast accumulation of practical results for men on Earth of space research.

Last year, the Unesco Courier asked Mr. Gene Gregory, U.S. engineer and writer specializing in economic and technological questions, to undertake a special inquiry into the fruits of space research. Mr. Gregory's findings occupy a major portion of this issue, and reveal a vast array of new products and processes, innovations in materials, revolutionary progress in electronics and computer technology, and a host of benefits for developed and developing countries in communications, weather forecasting, food and agriculture, education, health and medicine, industry and manufacturing, transportation and commerce, new sources of energy, geology, hydrology, oceanography and other applied sciences of direct use to all mankind today and in the years to come. Read his online article Is the space effort a waste of money?

On page 32, Arthur C. Clarke, the world famous science writer, co-author of the novel and film 2001: A Space Odyssey, discusses the implications and promise of what he calls "The century of the communications satellite." Read his article on line: Beyond Babel

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March 1970

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