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Africa and the African genius

In the course of the past sixten years no fewer than thirty-five independent states have emerged in Africa. The transformation of the political and economic map of Africa has been accompanied by unprecedented changes in education, science and culture and a new awareness of its people to the growing role that this vast continent is destined to play in the comity of nations.

This issue of the Unesco Courier is devoted to only a few of the crucial questions pre-occupying the leaders and thinkers of Inter-tropical Africa today. All the articles have been written by prominent writers and authorities from Africa itself: Gabriel d'Arboussier (Senegal), K. Onwuka Dike (Nigeria), Ezekiel Mphahlele (South Africa), Pathé Diagne (Senegal), N. C. Otieno (Kenya) and Ekpo Eyo (Nigeria). Each author has attempted to examine his subject in the perspective of the newly-independent states of Africa as a whole, and in the light of the new ferment of ideas and .attitudes and the renaissance which characterize the genius of African thought and culture today.

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June 1967