Building peace in the minds of men and women

Brussels 1958: the Atomium, symbol of a peaceful world

Next year Brussels will become a world in miniature as Belgium welcomes some 50 nations and seven international and supra-national organizations to the first World's Fair of the atomic era as well as the millions of people (an estimated thirty-five million, some 60% from abroad) who are expected to visit this exhibition.

Three years ago Belgium invited all the nations to participate in what it described as "The greatest world event of 1958", and declared that the World's Fairthe biggest since the one New York put on in 1939 would be placed under the sign of Humanism.

The fact that some 50 countries and seven international organizations (the U.N. and its Specialized Agencies, the Organization for European Economic Co-operation, the Council of Europe, Benelux, the Customs Co-operation Council, the Red Cross and a supra-national organization: the European Coal and Steel Community) are preparing to take part fully demonstrates the interest the entire world is showing in this gigantic stocktaking of the material and spiritual wealth of mankind.

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July 1957