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Miracle at Rotterdam

The new Rotterdam which has risen from the ashes of war is a city of air, light and wide open spaces. In the heart of town, shown in this panoramic view, seventy per cent of the total area has been reserved for open spaces, compared with some 45% in the pre-war city.

Though the area available for building sites has been nearly halved, the erection of taller buildingsmade possible by new, wider roadsand a more rational use of space, has kept the building volume virtually unchanged. In this photo, taken in 1957, work was still being carried out on the Central Station and on the Post Office building. Other important buildings: the old town hall with its tower and new 14-storey blocks of flats. In planning urbanization, city authorities kept area clear for future development. New projects include a hotel, a vast office building and a concert hall.

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Juillet-Août 1959