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Culture lives through exchange, not by forced loans: the lesson of Abossolo Simion, African craftsman and artist

African cultural problems have a special interest for Unesco in connection with its efforts to help all countries develop their cultures according to their traditions and characteristics. To this end. Unesco has worked in close collaboration with the International African Institute since 1949 and through grants made to this Institute, has enabled ethnologists to carry out important research in this field.

Thanks to Unesco's help, the Institute has published an African analytical bulletin and several sociological works and is today organizing an international mission of ethnologists.

Unesco has itself made available two fellowships to young African scholars and has organized a committee of experts to discuss the preservation of popular arts.

Many of this committee's recommendations related to Africa and stressed, above ail, the need for a spirit of understanding for peoples and a respect for local cultures. Such recommendations, which are in accord with the general principles guiding Unesco, find a confirmation in the story of Abossolo Sim.

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April 1951