Building peace in the minds of men and women

Santiago de Chile

Director : Claudia Uribe Salazar

Regional Office for Education in Latin America and the Caribbean and National Office to Chile.

UN Region: 
Latin America and the Caribbean



When Where
17 April 2013 to 20 April 2013 Valparaíso, Chile Third Seminar on Tourism Management of Intangible Cultural Heritage
11 November 2013 to 14 November 2013 Santiago, Chile Congress on Ecohydrology: a sustainable management for a sustainable world
21 May 2014 to 24 May 2014 Santiago, Chile 7th Meeting of the Collective Consultation of NGOs on EFA (CCNGO/EFA)
09 September 2014 to 12 September 2014 Providencia, Santiago de Chile, Chile DIPECHO project regional meeting. Strategies for the development of national risk management through education and science
19 November 2014 to 22 November 2014 Santiago, Chile International Expert Symposium “Coping with Droughts”