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Beijing Cluster Office

Marielza Oliveira

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) was founded in 1945 to create the conditions for peaceful dialogue based upon respect for shared values and dignity of each civilization and culture. UNESCO has offices, institutes and centers all over the world, and its headquarters are located in Paris, France.

UNESCO Beijing Cluster Office was established in 1984. It is responsible for UNESCO’s projects and work in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Japan, Mongolia, the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Korea. Altogether, these countries encompass about 1/5 of the world’s population, around 25% of global economic output, and over 5,000 years of rich history and culture.

Together with other UNESCO units and the entire United Nations family, UNESCO Beijing Cluster Office works to find and implement innovative solutions in social, cultural, environmental and economic dimensions of sustainable development, helping countries to achieve their national development priorities and commitments on Sustainable Development Goals and the Education Agenda 2030. It does so through five major programmes – education, social sciences, natural sciences, culture, and communication & information.

In the five countries it serves, UNESCO Beijing Cluster Office has helped to establish 22 UNESCO Category 2 Centers, 60 Biosphere Reserves, and 95 World Heritage Sites; has built capacities of key decision-making institutions; helped strengthen policies, standards, and practices in UNESCO’s areas of work; promoted cooperation between countries within and outside the region; and made a lasting impact on people’s lives.

Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Republic of Korea
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When Where
28 October 2013 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Celebration of World Day for Audiovisual Heritage in Mongolia
22 October 2013 to 25 October 2013
Seoul, Republic of Korea 7th International Conference on Theory and Practice or Electronic Governance (ICEGOV2013)
21 October 2013 to 23 October 2013
Beijing, China International Conference on Learning Cities
18 October 2013 to 19 October 2013
Jecheon City, Republic of Korea CONFINTEA VI Regional Follow-up Meeting in Asia and the Pacific
15 October 2013 to 16 October 2013
Beijing, China 9th China Information Accessibility Forum