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UNESCO Pavilion's Thematic Days

UNESCO’s contributions to rethinking sustainability globally include a wide range of actions, reflecting the multifaceted nature of climate challenges and associated mitigation and adaptation solutions. The UNESCO pavilion in the "Bonn zone" (Pavilion E09) will provide a space for lively interactive exchanges between experts, civil society representatives and UNESCO specialists to collectively address climate change during a series of thematic days:

7 November
Indigenous Peoples Day

10 November
Water Action Day

11 November
Ocean Action Day

13 November
Impact of Climate Change in Africa

14 November
Disaster risk reduction

UNESCO Action Plan for Small Island Developing States

15 November
UNESCO designated sites as climate change obervatories
(programme - pdf)
International panel on “Ethics and climate change: UNESCO’s draft declaration of ethical principles in relation to climate change”

16 November
Thematic day on education