Second International Conference on Youth Volunteering and Dialogue − 2017

About the Conference

During this three-day event, the youth participants will share experiences and knowledge from their volunteering work related to the main domains of UNESCO’s competence, as well as submitting project proposals for international collaboration to foster the vital values of solidarity, empathy, critical thinking, social engagement and meaningful civic participation.

Through workshops and plenary sessions, the 100 young representatives will advance these aims, focusing on four thematic areas:

  • Refugees and Migration : Youth volunteers spearheading inclusion
  • The importance of intercultural education
  • The role of the media and social media in constructing positive dialogue
  • Youth engagement with cultural heritage and the arts

Throughout the duration of the Conference, the young participants will seek to raise awareness of the role of youth volunteerism in advancing social cohesion and preventing violence and extremism, outlining key future commitments and initiatives on these issues raised during the conference.

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