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FACTS - global media campaign


We are currently facing an unprecedented health crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic spreading across the world also represents a new challenge for the press, which was already battling smear campaigns and defamation.

Today, citizens are on lockdown, eager for news like never before. And more than ever, the news must be fact- checked, verified. Because disinformation spreads as fast as the virus itself, and journalists are on the frontline in the fight against the distortion of truth.

More than ever we need facts. 

Facts to avoid spreading fear, fake news and panic. 
 More than ever we need a free press.


On World Press Freedom Day, we need your support to defend a free and independent press.


Join UNESCO's campaign and help us make noise about this campaign by:
  • Symbolically changing your name/logo with the FACTS font specifically created for this campaign – download here
  • Publishing the campaign key visuals in your printed and digital newspapers on 3 May
  • Sharing the social media posts related to the campaign on your social media pages and using the hashtag #WorldPressFreedomDay


CLICK HERE to download all the campaign materials in various languages.


To receive the High Res files of the announcements formatted for your newspaper technical specifications, please send the reference number of the announcement(s) you wish to use along with your technical specifications to the following email addresses : /

Also indicate the name of your newspaper, your country and the required language.

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Click here for more information about World Press Freedom Day