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Title: Journalism Under Digital Siege

Dates: 03-05-2022

Format: Hybrid

Address: Eswatini, Swaziland Editors Forum, Happy Valley Hotel, Ezulwini, H100 Mbabane

Description: Journalists, CSO, Government commemoration and launch of consultations on necessary policy reforms to advance press freedom.

Contact: Jabu Matsebula and Mbongeni Mbingo


Title: Journalism Under Digital Siege

Dates: 03-05-2022, 09:30 - 14:00 (GMT 3)

Format: Hybrid

Address: Stadium Street, Arba Minch

Description: Here our company develops and build information's for the advantage of community members. so, this event leads to initiatives toward individuals and groups under the event enviroment.

Contact: Amrot Mitachew and Tiglu Haile


Dates: 04-05-2022, 10:00-14:00

Format: In presential

Address: Ghana Journalists Association International Press Centre, 13 Gamel Abdul Nasser Ave Accra, Greater Accra Region, GP4499 Accra

Description: Ghanaian journalists will join their counterparts worldwide to mark WPFD 2022 under the theme “Journalism under Digital Siege”, this year's event will expose journalists to multifaceted ways in which recent developments in surveillance by state and non-state actors, as well as big data collection and artificial intelligence(AI) impacts journalism and freedom of expression. Additional media viability and recovery after covid will be discussed through keynote speeches and panel discussions.

Contact: Abdul Yakub and Affail Monney 

Title: Grassroot #WPFD events in Kenya

Dates: 03-05-2022, 9:30 - 12:30

Format: Hybrid

Address: Kenya Correspondents Association (KCA), Epren Center, Buruburu, Mumias Road, 00100 Nairobi

Description: Kenya Correspondents Association has mobilized its networks countrywide to mark the #WPFD on May 3,2022 in the following regional towns: Mombasa, Machakos,Kitui,Nyeri, Meru, Nakuru, Kericho, Kitale, Eldoret, Lodwar, Bungoma, Busia, Kisumu, Kisii, and Migori. The members who are freelancers and correspondents, will hold processions with branded t-shirts, caps, banners,posters; present petitions to local authorities, address the press on press freedom issues and participate in radio/TV talk shows to mark the day.

Contact: William Oloo Janak and Kenya Correspondents Association

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Dates: 03-05-2022 09:00 - 17:00

Format: In presential

Address: Media Institute of Southern Africa - Lesotho Chapter, Happy Villa, Maseru 100, Lesotho

Description: MISA-Lesotho has decided that this year’s event should take the form of a dialogue and exchange of views on the media viability in the digital era.
Digital disruptions, which are brought about by ICTs and the advent of social media, featuring prominently the pace of adaptation.
Lesotho’s media viability in the digital age: we will prominently analyse investment opportunities available to media operators.
Unlock dialogue on the twin concepts of freedom of expression of opinion and media freedom,
The discussions will finally delve into the subject of media regulation, exploring media regulatory mechanisms envisaged under the ongoing media reforms

Contact: Mzimkhulu Sithetho and Lekhetho Ntsukunyane

Title: Investigative Journalism Workshop in light of the celebration of World Press Freedom Day 2022

Dates: 25-04-2022 - 29-04-2022 GMT+2

Format: In presential

Address: 13 Adler Street, 20783 Windhoek

Description: To celebrate WPFD 2022, the NXT Journalism Hub, the training programme of the Namibia Media Trust, in collaboration with the Editor's Forum of Namibia and Deutsche Welle Akademie is hosting a 5 day training on investigative journalism.

Participants will learn to produce in-depth, high-quality, relevant investigative journalism content (e.g. print, online stories, radio, TV features)
- by understanding the basics of investigative journalism
- developing ideas for investigative content
- using various research techniques to find information
- presenting the results of their research with compelling storytelling.

Contact: Peter Deselaers and Zoe Titus


Title: WPFD 2022 Celebration in Namibia

Dates: 05-05-2022, 9:00 - 13:00 GMT+2

Format: Hybrid

Address: Namibia University of Science and Technology Auditorium, 13 Jackson Kaujeua Street, 13388 Windhoek

Description: The official celebration of WPFD 2022 in Namibia will be held at the auditorium at Namibia University of Science and Technology. The Minister of Information and Communication Technology will deliver the keynote address while UNESCO, the European Union and the Editors Forum of Namibia (EFN) will deliver statements as partners.

The official event will be followed by a panel discussion involving media personalities on Digital Transparency: Sharing Revenues Equitably to Support Ethical Journalism.

Contact: Shoki Kandjimi and Elizabeth M'ule

Title: Media, Under Surveillance - Who's watching Who?

Dates: 05-05-22, 10:00-12:00 (GMT+2)

Format: Hybrid

Address: Nelson Mandela University, Admiralty Way, 6001 Port Elizabeth

Description: Issues of 'digital siege' extend beyond the professional domain of journalists to all aspects of our social existence. Understanding networked media's influence on citizen participation and privacy is as important as a subject of scrutiny as protections which must be afforded the traditional mass media. This seminar reflects on the business of citizen surveillance in South Africa, testimonies of surveillance of journalists, and the costs of private surveillance of the 'other' in order contextualise and understand the mediated worlds where we live.

Contact: Jude Mathurine

Title: Commemoration of World Press Freedom Day 2022

Dates: 03-05-2022 9:00-5:00

Format: Hybrid

Address: UNESCO, Wau, South Sudan, 

Description: South Sudan will be commemorating the International World Press Freedom Day under the theme "“Journalism Under Digital Siege". A number of activities have been scheduled to take place from 3 -5 May 2022. Among which include 1. a WPFD National conference, 2. Foot ball match between Journalists and the Police and 3. Training on Media Laws for Judges, Police and line ministries

Contact: Doreen Loboka and Isoke Eric

Title: Africa Media Convention: Journalism under Digital Siege

Dates: 02-05-2022 - 05-05-2022 UTC+3

Format: Hybrid

Address: Arusha International Conference Centre, AICC Conference Hall, Arusha

Description: The African WPFD celebration crosses-over into the global event in Uruguay through consultation and knowledge sharing to ensure that African media stakeholders contribute to the discussions and deliberations at the regional and global level.
The hosting of this continent-wide event in Tanzania celebrates the significant progress of Tanzania in advancing press freedom, freedom of expression and access to information, in the presence of H.E Samia Suluhu Hassan, President of Tanzania. A growing model of progress in Africa, recently lifting the bans on four newspapers, converging state agency functions for strengthened support to information, communication including the media and ensuring the integration of targeted outcomes for the promotion of public access to information as a fundamental right. 
This year’s theme spotlights the complex results of recent developments in surveillance, as well as big data collection and artificial intelligence, and their impacts on journalism, freedom of expression and privacy in Africa. This year also celebrates the 10th anniversary of the UN Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists, an opportunity to reflect on the challenges and opportunities of its implementation.
The event provides an opportunity for the region and continent at large, to share, reflect and own the outcomes of the analyses, knowledge and lessons learnt through the multifaceted dialogue on the press freedom under the global theme Journalism under Digital Siege.

Contact: Nancy Angulo and Lydia Gachungi

Title: Celebration of World Press Freedom Day

Dates: 03-05-2022, Central Africa Time [GMT+2]

Format: Hybrid

Address: UNESCO Regional Office for Southern Africa 8, Kenilworth Road, Newlands. Harare

Description: 3 May acts as a reminder to governments of the need to respect their commitment to press freedom and is also a day of reflection among media professionals about issues of press freedom and professional ethics. Just as importantly, World Press Freedom Day is a day of support for media which are targets for the restraint, or abolition, of press freedom. It is also a day of remembrance for those journalists who lost their lives in the pursuit of a story.

Contact: Kumbirai Mhandu and Al-Amin Yusuph


Title: "La liberté de la presse et la sécurité des journalistes"

Dates: 06-05-2022 15:00 - 18:00

Format: In presential

Address: Hôtel Tour Hassan, 26, Avenue Chellah B.P. 14, 10000 Rabat

Description: Il s’agit dans cette conférence d’explorer, dans un premier temps, l’impact de l’ère numérique sur la liberté d’expression et la sécurité des journalistes permettant de mettre en lumière les défis associés. La conférence se penchera sur l'habileté des médias, et du paysage médiatique en général, à pratiquer un journalisme de haute qualité, et ce de manière durable à l’ère numérique et se concentrera également sur la sécurité des femmes journalistes.

Contact: Sami Elmoudni and Abdelaziz Alaoui

Title: Combating digital siege and actual siege with Social media

Dates: 11-05-2022 from 10:00-18:00 CDT

Format: In presential

Address: Al-Mathaf Hotel, Gaza, Palestine

Description: The event will be an open day for a social media platform.  Social activists along with CSOs and influencers will share their thoughts and skills of the social siege in Gaza where this city is under actual siege but is open for all the World through the social networks.  the event will be a full day, outdoors and indoors, exposing culture through food and music tweeted to the world to combat siege.

Contact: Hala Tannous and Amanda Kean

Title: Célébration de la journée internationale de la liberté de la presse

Dates: 12 & 13 mai 2022

Format: Journée débat

Address: Tunis, Tunisie

Description: L'UNESCO et le Syndicat National des Journalistes Tunisiens (SNJT), ainsi que leurs partenaires nationaux et internationaux, ont organisé un séminaire pour célébrer la Journée internationale de la liberté de la presse. Un événement qui s’étale sur deux jours (12-13 mai) sous le slogan " protéger la liberté d’expression et de la presse face aux dangers d'un retour en arrière ". Cet évènement vise la participation de plusieurs ONG et institutions, à savoir la Fédération Internationale des Journalistes FIJ, Reporter Sans Frontières RSF, l'Article 19, le bureau du Haut-Commissariat des Nations Unies aux droits de l'Homme en Tunisie, l’Union européenne en Tunisie ainsi que les journalistes et les professionnels du métier.

Contact: B'ghouri, Neji


Title: A commemorative event of World Press Freedom 2022

Dates: 03-05-2022, 9:00-12:00 (Time zone in Cambodia (GMT+7)

Format: In presential

Address: Ministry of Information, 113 St 360, 12000 Phnom Penh

Description: In Cambodia, this year’s World Press Freedom Day will enhance solidarity and reunite every stakeholder to discuss and address the current challenges facing journalists and press freedom in the country. The Ministry of Information in collaboration with UNESCO will convene an event that will bring together 250 representatives from the Government, the media, CSOs, youth, academia, and other stakeholders. Noting that Cambodia will hold Communal Elections on 5th June 2022, the event will pay special attention to the key role that the media plays during electoral processes in bringing information to the public before, during, and after the elections.

Contact: Aguirre Idiaquez, Mikel and Samphors Vicheka Ty


Title: Town Hall Debate

Dates: 02-05-2022, 09:00 - 14:00 (Bangkok Time Zone)

Format: In presential

Address: Cambodian Journalists Alliance Association (CamboJA), 313 Preah Sisowath Quay, 12200 Phnom Penh

Description: This year, CamboJA in partnership with UNESCO, and other 27 CSOs partners/WG on WPFD will organize a physical Town Hall Debate during World Press Freedom Day to engage Cambodian journalists, human rights defenders, social media reporters, citizen journalists, media students, lawyers, community activists, representatives from government bodies, parliamentarians, embassies, development partners representatives and private sectors to discuss and get more understanding about the impacts of restrictive sub-decree on the establishment of the national internet gateway (NIG) sub-decree, Management, Use, Safeguarding the Security of Personal Identity Data (PID) sub-decree and cybercrime draft law on fundamental freedoms. 

Our theme this year will be the same as global them “Journalism under Digital Siege” with a main focus on three core sessions or topics as the following:
- Press freedom on the internet and digital safety of journalists
- Rights to access to information and election reporting
- Journalists’ ethics and public trust
The Town Hall Debate has objectives as the following: 
- To raise public awareness and to address all issues facing journalists such as impacts of restrictive Sub-Decree on Establishment of NIG, PID, and key draft laws on cybercrime and cyber security
- To discuss digital challenges in relation to journalism and free media arise from online surveillance and digitally mediated attacks on journalists
- To enhance solidarity among civil society, media workers, and other stakeholders to jointly advocate for better laws and regulations on digital rights, press freedom, internet freedom, and a better reporting environment for this year’s commune election. 
There are expected 200 participants (40% of them would be women).

Contact: Khortieth and Vicheka


Title: Social Media Campaign in comemoration of World Press Freedom day

Dates: 27-03-2022 (Time zone Cambodia GMT+7)

Format: IOnline

Address: 12000 Phnom Penh

Description: The campaign is composed of 15 short video-messages featuring prominent journalists, the Minister of Information, the Minister of Post and Telecommunications, the Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights in Cambodia, Human Rights Activists and Ambassadors.

Contact: Aguirre Idiaquez, Mikel and Samphors Vicheka Ty

Title: Media at the crossroads: Press Freedom and Self-censorship in digital landscape

Dates: 03-05-2022, 11:00 - 12:30

Format: Online

Address: Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University, Resham Nagar, Khanapara, 781022 Guwahati

Description: Online event of interactive lecture by editor of Web Magazine - NEZINES, Sushanta Talukdar held over Zoom platform. The event has been streamed live on YouTube.

Contact: Juri Hazarika and Jayantakumar Sarma

Title: Journalism under digital siege (Iraqi journalists and the digital development)

Dates: 10-03-2022, 10:00-14:00 

Format: Hybrid

Address: Baghdad, IZ

Description: Celebrating the World Press Freedom Day and highlighting the current challenges and problems faced by journalists in Iraq. Calling again the Iraqi government to sign the Decree of "Iraqi National Mechanism for Safety of Journalists and Issue of Impunity", which was presented as a draft  to the Prime Minister. Launching "Breaking the Silence: to enhance government accountability and judicial procedures to protect journalists and combat impunity" project funded by Netherlands government.

Contact: Dhea Subhee

Title: World Press Freedom Day Celebration in Mongolia

Dates: 03-05-2022, 11:00 - 13:00 GMT+8 

Format: Hybrid

Address: Meeting Hall, Open Society Forum, Jamiyan gun Street-5/1 Sukhbaatar District, 14240 Ulaanbaatar

Description: The Mongolian national celebration of the World Press Freedom Day will be organized on 3 May 2022 by the Mongolian National Commission for UNESCO and Globe International Center, with support of the UNESCO Beijing Cluster Office. Prof. Shahbaz Khan, Director of UNESCO Beijing Cluster Office and UNESCO Representative to China, DPRK, Japan, Mongolia and ROK, H.E. Ms Axelle Nicaise, Ambassador of Delegation of the European Union to Mongolia, Mr. Tapan Mishra, UN Resident Coordinator in Mongolia, Mr. S.Boldsaikhan, Secretary-General of the Mongolian National Commission for UNESCO, will deliver opening remarks. The event will feature discussions about journalists' safety during the COVID-19 and the Mongolian media circumstances under the digital siege, followed by the annual "For the Truth" Media Freedom Award Ceremony.

Contact: Qingyi Zeng

Title: Virtual workshop on journalists’ code of conduct and safety of women journalists particularly of marginalized & indigenous group

Dates: 07-05-2022

Format: Online

Address: Sanepa-2, Lalitpur - Kathmandu, Nepal

Description: A virtual workshop is being organised in participation of around 50 media personnel and experts. Four women journalists will share their cases and the representative from Press Council Nepal, Federation of Nepali Journalists among other organisations will advise from the perspective of code of conduct and journalists' safety.

Contact: Nirjana Sharma


Title: Roundtable on digital era's impact on FoE & the safety of journalists in Nepal

Dates: 03-05-2022, 09:00-13:00

Format: In presential

Address: Media Action Nepal (MAN), Thapagaun-10, 44600 Kathmandu, Nepal

Description: Media Action Nepal (MAN)-is celebrating the World Press Freedom Day, 2022 on May 3 by organizing a Roundtable on digital era's impact on FoE & the safety of journalists in Nepal. The event chaired by Mr. Laxman Datt Pant, Chairperson of MAN and graced with the presence of Nepal's Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Hon. Govind Prasad Sharma will be attended by media experts, journalists and media rights groups.

Contact: Laxman Datt Pant and Priyanka Jha


Title: Launch of 'Media In Province: State of Media in 7 Provinces of Nepal'

Dates: 03-05-2022 

Format: In presential

Address: Center for Media Research - Nepal, Fourth Floor, House No 717, Anamnagar, Kathmandu

Description: 'Media In Province: State of Media in 7 Provinces of Nepal' outlines the state of media and media person in district and province level of Nepal. Edited by Tilak Pathak, Bhuwan KC and Ujjwal Acharya.

Contact: Tilak Pathak


Title: Rural Media Network Pakistan: World Press Freedom Day Roundtable – Journalists Safety Issues in Rural Areas of Pakistan

Dates: 10 May 2022

Format: In presential 

Address: Mubarakpur Town 

Description: The Rural Media Network Pakistan (RMNP) organized a World Press Freedom Day Roundtable in the premises of Union Council Mubarakpur, in collaboration with the Daily newspaper Nawa-I-AhmedpurSharqia and Press Club Mubarakpur.
It was attended by Presidents & General Secretaries of the five Press Clubs of Noorpur Nauranga, Samasatta, Mubarakpur, KhairpurDaha and Naushera Jadid, besides regional political leaders of mainstream political parties, academics, civil society representatives, journalists and press freedom advocates. 

Contact: Ehsan Ahmed Khan Sehar 


Title: World Press Freedom Day 2022: Journalism under Digital Siege

Dates: 12 May 2022, 14:30 - 17:00 GMT +5

Format: In presential

Address: Islamabad (UNESCO)

Description: To engage relevant stakeholders including the youth, opinion leaders, media experts etc. a panel discussion/ key note speech will take place to highlight "Right to Privacy, freedom of expression and data protection - “Striving for freer, safer digital spaces". Moreover, underlying themes such as the importance of press freedom and the safety of journalists, the challenges faced by the press/media on digital platforms and issues with data privacy will also be discussed. The panelists will shed light on the following
a. Threats to freedom of expression with breaches in privacy and data protection on digital
b. Transparency as a public good
c. Media Viability and public trust
A discussion will also take place on Research Findings: UNESCO’s Media Development and Viability Indicators Assessment.

Contact: Hamza Khan and Pareesa Aziz


Dates: 03-05-2022, 14:00-16:30 GMT+8 

Format: Online

Address: Manila, Philippines: AFEC-SEA, UP-Institute of Human Rights, Center for International Law-Philippines, 1105 Antel Corporate Centre, 121 Valero Street, Salcedo Village, 1227 Makati City

Description: This World Press Freedom Day 2022, the Advocates for Freedom of Expression Coalition-Southeast Asia (AFEC-SEA) is pleased to host the Southeast Asia Digital Conference “Cyberattacks, Fake News, and Disinformation in Southeast Asia's Elections: The Ailment, The Antidote.” The Digital Conference is to be held 2:00-4:30pm (Philippine/Malaysia Time) on Tuesday, 03 May 2022 via Zoom. The event is organized in partnership with the Institute of Human rights of the University of the Philippines Law Center (UP-IHR) and the Center for International Law-Philippines (CenterLaw).

Contact: Gilbert Teruel Andres and SEA Digital Conference Organizing Committee


Title: Hybrid Training Event

Dates: 03-05-2022 GMT+11

Format: Online

Address: Honiara, PACJN, Heritage Park Hotel, Gallery 2

Description: Pacific Anti-Corruption Journalist Network (PACJN) is hosting a Hybrid Media Training on 'Media role in Freedom of Information'.

The focus of this discussion will be from the experience in Solomon Islands. However in the Questions and Answers segment, participants can share, ask questions and/or make comments regarding the topic at hand.

Contact: Georgina Kekea

Title: Tajikistan: World Press Freedom Day 2022

Dates: 05-05-2022 (SET+6)

Format: Hybrid

Address: UNCT/OSCE, Dushanbe

Description: UNESCO together with UNCT Tajikistan will participate in the event hosted by OSCE for the celebration of World Press Freedom Day (WPFD), countering new threats to communications, the viability of media, and public trust. The event will further the implementation of principles outlined in the Windhoek+30 Declaration on Journalism as a Public Good, recently endorsed by the UNESCO General Conference. As well as the measures proposed by Tajikistan's media organizations at the 2021 meeting and the regional Alma-Ata+29 meeting.

Contact: Sergey Karpov 

Link (English - Russian)


Title: Council of Europe Platform to Promote the Protection of Journalism and Safety of Journalists - Launch of the 2022 Annual Report

Dates: 27-04-2022, 10:00 - 11:30 CET

Format: Hybrid

Address: Council of Europe, Brussels Press Club, Rue Froissart 95, 1040 Brussels

Description: On Wednesday 27 April 2022, the Platform to Promote the Protection of Journalism and Safety of Journalists will launch its report “Defending Press Freedom in Times of Tension and Conflict”. The annual report, which is written by the Platform’s Partner Organisations, a coalition of fifteen press freedom NGOs and journalists associations, will be available on the Platform's website on 27 April at 9:00 A.M. CET. It highlights key areas of law, policy and practices affecting media freedom and safety of journalists in Europe and identifies actions required to improve effective protection of journalists.

Contact: Adrian Evtuhovici and Adrian Evtuhovici

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Title: Associations Ghislaine Dupont,Claude Verlon,Camille Lepage Liberté de la Presse

Dates: 03-05-2022, 12:30-15:00 (Paris)

Format: Online

Address: LES AMIS DE GHISLAINE DUPONT, CLAUDE VERLON FRANCE, Place Ghislaine Dupont,Claude Verlon et Camille Lepage PARIS II FRANCE, 75002 Paris

Description: À l'occasion de la journée mondiale de la Liberté de la presse

Les associations " les Amis de Ghislaine Dupont et Claude Verlon “ et ” Camille Lepage on est ensemble " vous convient, le 3 mai 2022 à 12h30 sur la Place Ghislaine Dupont, Claude Verlon et Camille Lepage, Paris 2°arrondissement.

Pour leur rendre hommage comme chaque année. Prendront la parole lors de cet événement :
- Laurence Lacour secrétaire générale de l’association des amis de Ghislaine et Claude
- Maryvonne Lepage la mère de Camille
- Anthony Bellanger secrétaire général de la Fédération internationale des Journalistes
- Alla Lazareva correspondante du journal Ukrainian Week en France
- Amadou Vamoulké, journaliste camerounais, représenté par Arnaud Frogier de RSF
- Dominique Pradalié du Syndicat National des Journalistes

Nous comptons sur votre présence et votre mobilisation espérons vous y retrouver nombreux pour honorer
et défendre le travail de la presse toujours plus indispensable en cette période géopolitique instable.

Contact: Daniele Gonod

Title: Press Freedom, Case Studies from Around the World.

Dates: 04-05-2021, 17:00 CEST

Format: Online

Address: Secretariat of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, Galleria Piazza Cavalli 7b, 29121, Piacenza

Description: 4 teams of journalism students from 4 parts of the world, (Italy, Colombia, South Africa, India) will present the situation of Press Freedom and bias in their respective countries or regions.
Case studies will be based on a survey each team will conduct with at least 100 persons taking into consideration fair balance of age, gender and race, presenting facts and events where mainstream media and/or online media have played a major role, or have failed to play a moderate role in conveying the truth.

Contact: Pierre Dawalibi and Irina Tutberie

Title: Tar journalister för stora risker - Pressfrihetens Dag 2022

Dates: 03-05-2022 15:00-16:00 UTC1

Format: In presential

Address: The Department of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMG), University of Gothenburg, Seminariegatan 1B, 413 13 Gothenburg

Description: (Only in Swedish though). Come and celebrate Press Freedom Day with us. Listen to interesting and charged conversations; Hatred and threats against journalists, A work environment problem or a threat to democracy?, The threat that caused the reporter Janne Josefsson to refrain from review and Who is most independent?

Contact: Cajsa Malmström



Title: Pressfrihetens dag

Dates: 03-05-2022, 10:00-11:00

Format: Online

Address: ABF - The Workers' Educational Association, Olof Palmes Gata 9, 101 30 Stockholm

Description: ABF uppmärksammar Pressfrihetens dag. Läs mer på

Contact: Lars Wiberg


Title: Journalists’ Privacy in the Digital Era

Dates: 03-05-2022 15:00 -16:30 CEST

Format: Hybrid

Address: Palais des Nations - Room XVIII, Parc de l'Ariana, 12011 Geneva

Description: This Event, co-organized by UNESCO and the Permanent Missions of Greece and Uruguay under the umbrella of World Press Freedom Day: “Journalism under Digital Siege”,will focus on the digital era’s impact on freedom of expression, the safety of journalists, including the physical and mental risks they experience, access to information and privacy. It will also touch upon on how protecting against digital threats has become even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic, with more journalists working remotely and relying on personal devices. As technology develops, these incidents are becoming more frequent and intense with digital privacy becoming the frontline of journalists’ safety.

Contact: Fuensanta Amorós Cascales 

Title: Government responses to online disinformation

Dates: 10-05-2022, 12:00-13:15

Format: Online

Address: Global Partners Digital, London

Description: A new tool for human rights defenders - LEXOTA - tracks and analyses government responses to online disinformation across Sub-Saharan Africa.


Contact: Kathryn Doyle and Jacqueline Rowe

Link 1 - Link 2


Title: The Commonwealth and media freedom: Where do we stand?

Dates: 27-04-2022 12:30 - 14:00, London (BST)

Format: Online

Address: Institute of Commonwealth Studies, London

Description: Article V of the 2013 Commonwealth Charter declares the commitment of all Commonwealth states to the values of freedom of expression. This seminar assesses the Commonwealth’s current track record on freedom of expression, as 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of the UN Action Plan on the Safety of Journalists. What more can and should be done for the Commonwealth to live up to the norms and aspirations in Article V?

Contact: Dr Sue Onslow and Dr Kiran Hassan



Title: PSM Unpacked: Digital Safety

Dates: 11-04-2022, 09:00 - 10:00 EST

Format: Online

Address: Public Media Alliance, Room 02.101, Lawrence Stenhouse Building, University of East Anglia, NR4 7TJ, Norwich

Description: Globally, reporters are experiencing really difficult situations online. They are subjected to abuse, harassment, threats of sexual violence and death threats. It’s important journalists know how to best protect themselves against these, and from an organisational perspective, media companies know the measures they can implement to improve security, support and help their journalists. 

The one hour session will begin with a panel of three experts in this field. This discussion will be recorded and will available to download as an episode of PMA's Media: Uncovered podcast –

Following the panel, the session will be opened up to participants who can contribute, share knowledge and learn from each other about experiences and solutions.


Contact: Harry Lock and Kristian Porter

Title: World Press Freedom Day in United Nations HQ (New York)

Dates: 04-05-2022, 10:15 - 12:30 EDT

Format: Online

Address: United Nations, UN Headquarters, 10017 New York

Description: To celebrate the 2022 World Press Freedom Day in New York, UNESCO and the Department of Global Communication of the United Nations will host a virtual event to discuss the new threats to journalism. The event includes a high-level segment with H.E. Mr. Abdulla Shahid, President of the 76th Session of the General Assembly, H.E. Mr. António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, H.E. Ms. Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, H.E. Mr. Nikos Dendias, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hellenic Republic, H.E. Mr. Cristian Espinos, Chair of the 44th Session of the Committee on Information and the Permanent Representative of Ecuador to the UN, and Ms. Valeria Robecco the President of the UN Correspondents Association (UNCA). Melissa Fleming, Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, will moderate the high-level segment.
An interactive panel discussion with a question-and-answer segment follows with speakers from the Verified Campaign, civil society organizations, the private sector, media, and academia under the World Press Freedom Day theme, focusing on media viability and public trust.


Contact: Estelle Zadra


Title: Press Freedom Forum 

Dates: 03-05-2022, 12:00 - 15:00 EST

Format: Online


Description: The Association and Club of Foreign Press Correspondents in the USA present the Press Freedom Forum live-streaming from the World Trade Center in New York.

Contact: Thanos Dimadis 



Title: Journalism on the Frontlines of Freedom

Dates: 28-04-2022, 16:00-18:00 EDT

Format: Online

Address: National Endowment for Democracy, Washington D.C.

Description: As authoritarian regimes around the world are increasingly emboldened in their efforts to counter and confront democracy and to secure their own grip on power, journalists and independent media outlets that provide accurate news, information, and analysis face increasing risks on the frontline of the struggle for freedom and democracy.

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the corresponding shutdown of Russia’s few remaining independent media outlets, and the criminalization of sharing accurate information about the war, highlight both the threat facing journalists from dictators, as well as the power of independent media to unsettle dictators. On another front, in Burma, where courageous, underground, independent media worked for decades to defeat a dictatorship and usher in democracy, journalists find themselves in danger and working from exile once again after last year’s military coup.

For much of the past 30 years, as countless NED partners from some of the most difficult environments would pass through Washington, they were often welcomed by one of America’s most influential journalists, Fred Hiatt. The longtime editor of The Washington Post editorial page, Fred took a special and personal interest in the stories and struggles of aspiring democrats from every corner of the world and wrote often about their courageous work. Washington Post editorials forcefully condemned leaders who abused their power and highlighted the cases of those most at risk, appealing to our government and the international community to protect them.

Fred’s passing last December was heartbreaking to so many who lost a friend and champion. To honor the legacy of Fred’s life and work, NED will make a posthumous presentation of the Democracy Service Medal at an event focused on the important work of journalists from frontline countries and the dangers and challenges they face. Fred’s longtime Washington Post colleague and friend Jackson Diehl will moderate a conversation with key journalists and thought leaders from Ukraine, Burma, and Russia. Following their discussion, longtime friends and colleagues will pay tribute to Fred as the Medal is presented to the Hiatt family.

Contact: Andrea Vega Yudico and Zach Evans



Title: Presentación Informe Monitoreo de Libertad de Expresión

Dates: 03-05-2022, 20:30 - 21:30 (Buenos Aires, Argentina GMT -3)

Format: In presential

Address: FOPEA (Foro de Periodismo Argentino), Avenida Cerviño 4474, C1425AHO Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Description: Presentación del Informe 2021 de FOPEA del Monitoreo de Libertad de Expresión con los casos de agresión a periodistas registrados en Argentina. El mismo se realiza gracias al trabajo y aporte de los monitores en todo los país que evalúan todos los casos reportados. La misma se llevará a cabo en el marco de 46º Edición de la Feria Internacional del Libro de Buenos Aires y estará a cargo de Claudio Jacquelin y Fernando Stanich, en conmemoración del Día Mundial de la Libertad de Expresión.
Como cada año el Informe de FOPEA ofrecerá datos sobre el estado de la libertad de expresión en la Argentina, el análisis sobre los casos registrados, así como también el análisis de expertos, testimonios de periodistas y gráficos estadísticos.

El Monitoreo de Libertad de Expresión de FOPEA inició su trabajo en 2008 y su finalidad es detectar las limitaciones a la libertad de expresión, tanto aquellas directas y evidentes como así también las más sutiles.
Entre sus áreas de trabajo busca analizar e intervenir ante ataques a la libertad de expresión y asistir a quienes sean víctimas de diferentes tipos de censura; establecer una red federal de periodistas que detecte e investigue casos de violaciones a la libertad de expresión; elaborar un registro de los casos observados para identificar obstáculos sistemáticos al ejercicio de este derecho y trabajar con otras organizaciones o individuos para formular iniciativas de orden público en el área de la libertad de la expresión.

Contact: Elena Rodriguez and Red de Monitores

Link - Youtube

Title: XIII Aniversario Compañía de medios Independientes DIVA Periodistas® & Mujer MRKH · Ninfas de Rokitansky®

Dates: 05-05-2022, 08:30 - 11:05 (Santiago)

Format: Online

Address: Las Condes · Santiago · Chile

Description: Celebración del XIII Aniversario de la Compañía de medios Independientes DIVA Periodistas®

Contact: Andrea González-Villablanca and Florencia Villablanca

Facebook - Flickr

Title: Reception and presentation

Dates: 14-05-2022, 18:30 - 20:30 GMT

Format: In presential

Address: Office of the UN Resident Coordinator Guyana, Georgetown

Description: The United Nations in Guyana in collaboration with the US Embassy, British High Commission, Canadian High Commission, and the Delegation of the European Union will host a cocktail reception for media workers. The event will feature a presentation by veteran journalist Dennis Chabrol.

Contact: Colette Hytmiah-Singh

Title: Periodismo bajo asedio oficial

Dates: 05-03-2022, 14 a 15 horas

Format: Online

Address: Club Primera Plana, Av Ricardo Flores Magón 44-6º Piso, Col Guerrero, Alcaldía Cuahtémoc, 06300 Ciudad de México

Description: El Club Primea Plana y su Capítulo Chiapas, convoca al Conversatorio en forma paralela a la Conferencia Mundial organizada del 2 al 5 de mayo en Punta del Este, Uruguay, para debatir el desafío mundial al Periodismo bajo asedio digital que debate el impacto de la era digital en la libertad de expresión, la seguridad de los periodistas, el acceso a la información y la privacidad.

Contact: Mario Luis Altuzar Suárez and Jose Luis Uribe Ortega


Title: Launching of the German Journalism Prize Walter Reuter

Dates: 03-05-2022 - 09:00 AM

Format: Online

Address: Premio Alemán de Periodismo Walter Reuter, Av. Horacio 1506, Polanco, 11530 Mexico City

Description: The German Journalism Prize Walter Reuter aims to recognize quality journalism and to promote freedom of expression in Mexico. The launching of the XVI edition of the prize will be on May 3rd. and will be open to journalists from Latin-America who live in Mexico. This project is organized and sponsored by the following German institutions in Mexico: German Embassy, Deutsche Welle, Goethe Institute, the German-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Camexa) and the Foundations Friedrich Ebert, Friedrich Naumann, Konrad Adenauer, Heinrich Böll and Rosa Luxemburg.

Contact: Ana Jacoby - Coordinator and Jessica Gutiérrez

Link - Facebook

Title: Seminario web "Cómo enfrentar las amenazas actuales contra la Libertad de Expresión y el ejercicio del Periodismo"

Dates: 26-04-2022, 18:30 - 20:30

Format: Online

Address: Universidad Nacional de Asunción - Mesa para la Seguridad de Periodistas del Paraguay - IDEA - Universidad Autónoma de Asunción, DR MOLINAS 2036, Asunción, Paraguay

Description: El presente seminario web fue organizado en alianza con varias instituciones gremiales, académicas y de la sociedad civil a fin de analizar y debatir sobre las amenazas y ataques contra la Libertad de Expresión y el ejercicio del Periodismo en los tiempos actuales, y conocer y evaluar propuestas que tiendan a enfrentar este desafío. Las buenas prácticas en la materia habrán de ser conocidas con la intención de expandirlas y aplicarlas en contextos donde estas amenazas van en crecimiento.

El evento está abierto a la participación libre de los interesados, aunque el público meta especial está constituido por periodistas, comunicadores/as sociales, estudiantes y docentes de Comunicación y Periodismo, organizaciones de la sociedad civil, operadores del sistema judicial, entre otros.

o Panelistas internacionales:
Guilherme Canela, Jefe de la Sección Libertad de Expresión, UNESCO, París.
- Cristina Zahar, periodista, Secretaria Ejecutiva de la Asociación Brasileña de Periodismo de Investigación (Abraji)
- Mauricio Weibel, periodista de investigación, Presidente de la Sociedad de Corresponsales de Latinoamérica y el Caribe (SOCOLAC) – Director de la Escuela Latinoamericana de Periodismo (ELAP).

o Panelistas nacionales:
- Susana Oviedo, periodista y columnista en el Diario Ultima Hora.
- Miguel H. López, periodista, catedrático en Ciencias de la Comunicación, Universidad Nacional de Asunción.
- José María Costa, periodista, Coordinador Mesa para la Seguridad de Periodistas del Paraguay.

Contact: Jose Maria Costa and Elida Acosta Dávalos