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World Press Freedom Day 2018

Don't just read

For World Press Freedom Day, independent news organizations have come together to urge everyone to look beyond their usual platforms and seek out news that offers different perspectives.

Because a better informed public leads to a better world.

Read The Atlantic.

Read The Baltimore Sun.

Read BBC News.

Read The Beacon News.

Read The Capital Gazette.

Read The Carroll County Times.

Read the Chicago Tribune.

Watch CNN.

Read The Courier News.

Read the Daily Press.

Read The Daily Southtown.

Read The Economist.

Read the Financial Times.

Read The Guardian.

Read the Hartford Courant.

Read Helsingin Sanomat.

Read IPS World News.

Read The Lake County News Sun.

Read the Los Angeles Times.

Watch MSNBC.

Read The Morning Call.

Read The Naperville Sun.

Read National Review.

Watch NBC News.

Read the New York Daily News.

Read New York magazine.

Read The New York Times.

Read The New Yorker.

Listen to NPR.

Read The Orlando Sentinel.

Read The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Read The Post Tribune.

Read Rappler.

Read la Repubblica.

Read the Sun Sentinel.

Read USA Today.

Read The Wall Street Journal.


Listen more...

Understand more...

It all starts with a free press.

Honoring 25 years of World Press Freedom Day



See the media organizations that came together in this unprecedented initiative to celebrate the 25th anniversary of World Press Freedom Day: