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World Press Freedom Day 2018


The #PressFreedomQuiz aims to engage interactions in social media, particularly Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The questions will be posted  on UNESCO social media attaching the respective visuals. Users will see the possible answers to each question and comment on the posts on social media, see attached the PDF answer sheet in the end of the list with the information and source for publishing the right answers.  We welcome you to use and share this Quiz and help raising awaresness for Press Freedom, use the following hashtags:

#PressFreedom    #WorldMediaTrends

Press Freedom Quiz

  1. How many countries have laws that recognize the public’s right to access information?

  2.  Digital censorship and shutdowns have increased in recent years. In 2016 alone, how many internet shutdowns were recorded across the world?

  3. If you are interviewed by three reporters, on average how many are likely to be women?

  4. Journalists put their lives at risk in bringing news and information to the public. On average, how often do killings of journalists occur?

  5. For every 10 cases of killings of journalists, how many are resolved?

  6. Which Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) includes a target for public access to information and fundamental freedoms? 

  7. Which of the reasons below have NOT been used by governments to justify internet shutdowns?

  8. UNESCO promotes “Internet Universality”, which is based on the ROAM principles. What does these principles stand for?

  9. Where do you think the majority of journalists were killed in the past 5 years?

  10. Women journalists face many forms of online harassment. Which threat consists of publishing an individual’s personal information in a malicious way? 


Click here to access the Answer Sheet of the Press Freedom Quiz