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The Week of Sound

16 January

The UNESCO Week of Sound is held in January each year, with the aim to educate the public and raise awareness among all actors in society about the importance of the quality of our sound environment.

Sound is important, it affects all ages and permeates economic, environmental, societal, medical, industrial and cultural dimensions. It contributes to our individual and collective behaviour, helping to shape the relationships we form with others.
Supported by the Week of Sound association, since 2004 a week of events is organised around five sound-related themes using a cross-cutting approach: (hearing) health, acoustics and the sound environment, recording and reproduction techniques, the relationship between image and sound, and musical expression and education. 
Convinced that the sound environment, because of its importance, influences our personal and collective behaviour, UNESCO’s General Conference at its 39th session in 2017 recommended that UNESCO works towards raising awareness of sound-related problems at the international level and promotes good practices related to sound in all areas of life, starting from early childhood.
UNESCO thus encourages Member States to join the event and to organize annually local Weeks of Sound, at their convenience, in the spirit of the Organization's mandate.
As part of its commitment to building sustainable societies, UNESCO is hosting the Week of Sound to raise awareness among Member States of best practices in sound and in all spheres of life, with a view to strengthen our ability to coexist peacefully.

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