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Global MIL Week 2020 Youth Agenda Forum


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Youth Agenda Forum

International Day for Universal Access to Information meets Global MIL Week
30 September 2020

There is a bridge between Global MIL Week and the International Day for Universal Access to Information (IDUAI) through connecting MIL and access to information (ATI) sessions. One of these sessions will be focused on youth with one international webinar and several regional webinars. Co-branding graphics will be developed titled IDUAI meets Global MIL Week. The other two sessions to be organized in connection with IDUAI will be composed of MIL and ATI experts/practitioners discussing policy implications and connections to the sustainable development goals. The Global MIL Youth Hackathon (see below) will also serve as basis for the connection with IDUAI.

Global MIL Youth Hackathon
1-27 October 2020

The Global MIL Youth Hackathon is organized under the same theme of Global MIL Week 2020: “Resisting Disinfodemic: Media and Information Literacy for everyone and by everyone”. It will be held online, in cooperation with gaming and MIL communities and technology companies. Building on the first Global MIL Hackathon organized during Global MIL Week 2018, and the Code the Curve Hackathon within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, youth around the world will be mobilized to participate in this four-week online hackathon, and design innovative solutions to disinformation and related online challenges.
The Hackathon will follow the theme of MIL against the disinfodemic. It complements the mainstreaming of young men and women in the Global MIL Week Feature Conference by enabling more significant youth leadership. It is designed by youth and for youth. Youth from local schools, universities, and youth organizations, as well as youth leaders from around the world, are invited to participate. The outcome of the Hackathon will be presented during a dedicated In-Focus Session on 27 October 2020.

In-Focus Sessions on Youth

27 October 2020 – Press Conference: Youth Tackling the Disinfodemic: Outcome of the Global MIL Youth Hackathon
28 October 2020 – Participation in Society by Media and Information Literate Youth in the Face of Disinformation