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Global MIL Week 2019 Youth Agenda Forum

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26 September 2019, Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre, Gothenburg, Sweden

MIL Citizens: Informed, Engaged, Empowered


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During the Closing Session of the Youth Agenda Forum, the participants unanimously adopted an Open Letter urging Heads of International Development Organizations and Heads of States to put media and information literacy on their development agenda. Download the Open Letter


The Youth Agenda Forum is a UNESCO Youth Space. It is youth-oriented, designed for youth, led by youth and open to all public. Youth from local schools, universities and youth organizations as well as young participants from around the world are invited to the event. The forum includes panel discussions, brief talks, presentations, hands-on workshops, brainstorming, poster presentations, as well as games, hackathons, etc. The Youth Agenda Forum was initiated in 2016 within the framework of Global MIL Week 2016. Its first edition was led by the GAPMIL Youth Sub-Committee, with the guidance and support of UNESCO as well as the host, University of Sao Paulo. Since then, the Forum has become a tradition of Global MIL Week that will be upheld. The Feature Conference and the Youth Agenda Forum are considered as two Feature Events of Global MIL Week, alongside other celebration events around the globe.


Digital media and information providers, different technological devices and platforms are by now a natural part of everyday life to most of us, and perhaps not least to the younger generations. However, being an avid user does not necessarily imply sufficient knowledge and experience to tackle all aspects of digital life. Moreover, youth’s ability to access, be critical about, produce and apply information to their daily lives, in particular governance, is not always evident despite achieving/reaching certain education levels. Depending on where and how you live your life, but also depending on which generation you belong to, the challenges relevant to the younger MIL Citizens are of concern now as well as in the future.

Young people’s voices will resonate loudly in the global commemoration of Global MIL Week as well as the feature events. Youth will be engaged not just as target groups for MIL training but also as actors and as part of the solution to achieve media and information literate societies. Besides taking part in the Feature Conference, young people will have the opportunity to shed light on issues most relevant to them and take the lead of the Youth Agenda Forum. The Youth Agenda Forum will be organized in cooperation with, among others, the GAPMIL Youth Sub-Committee, students and researchers at the University of Gothenburg representing the Department of Education, Communication and Learning, Valand Academy and the Department of Applied Information Technology together with other university colleges in the region.