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Visual Identity for media and social media


Download the visual identity of International Day for Universal Access to Information, which includes web and stand-up banners, email signature and poster.

Illustration by Studio Hyphen



Key messages

10 Points of Action to Leave No One Behind!
Take action now. Encourage your country to follow these 10 actions to improve people's access to information and help achieve sustainable development for all. Leave no one behind!  


•    Recognize that Access to Information is vital to achieve all 17 Sustainable Development Goals because informed citizens can advocate for their right to education, health care, gender equality and justice.

•    Adopt Access to Information laws in accordance with international standards and ensure good implementation by establishing independent oversight mechanisms.

•    Increase universal access to the Internet to improve the lives of those living in the rural and most isolated areas.

•    Make the Internet an open and accessible tool for everybody, based on human rights and nurtured by many, by enhancing cooperation between governments, private sector and civil society.

•    Enhance the skills of citizens through media and information literacy, so that they can benefit from the economic and social advantages brought by technological developments.

•    Make information a driver for sustainable cities and communities by investing in innovative information structures.

•    Foster multilingualism as an important pillar of cultural and documentary heritage.

•    Harness technologies for people living with disabilities in order to improve their quality of life.

•    Make governments more effective, inclusive and transparent through effective laws and policies that ensure access to information.

•    Empower women and girls by making access to information a driver to diminish gender inequalities and enable their equal role in societies as active citizens.



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