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UNESCO and partners are planning national and regional celebrations in:

Title: Derecho A Saber 2019*

Dates: 24 September 2019

Place: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Description: Together with the Law School of the University of Buenos Aires, the Agency invites you to participate in a workshop on how to request information from the State. Then, a marathon of applications divided by thematic tables will be developed, which will address the judicial system, legislative matters, Executive Power and State enterprises. Conferences will also be made. Turn on personal data, statistical secrecy, experiences in the use of the Law on Access to Public Information, the law on data and more. Read more

Contacts: Eduardo Bertoni, Director of the Agency for Access to Public Information (AAIP),

Event 1:

Title: Artificial Intelligence, ethics and access to information

Dates: 26 September 2019

Place: Guayaquil, Ecuador - Universidad Casa Grande

Description: Fostering a intersectoral and open space for reflection and dialogue about the intersections between artificial intelligence and ethics in creating and using of information potentially risky for individual decisions whit public impact. Explore the impacts from the misuse of private data and content exploitation for not ethics purposes by using AI resources.

Contacts: Jone Bilbao,; WA: +34 688 73 73 22

Event 2:

Title: (Ethics) E-Stem: ethics in STEM disciplines for Intelligence Artificial (AI) centered on the human being

Dates: 27 September 2019

Place: Quito, Ecuador

Description: The teaching of the Human Rights approach and the ethical aspects of technology from the school context is a first step towards an education based on ethical responsibility and commitment, as it has been settled in the "Education for World Citizenship" framework. The future professionals of the AI, with the potential to influence central choices of the persons in their daily life, should have a comprehensive perspective on the impact of their work and technical decisions on human rights, such as freedom of expression, access to information, privacy and autonomy in decision-making on personal data and information.

Contacts: Jone Bilbao,; WA: +34 688 73 73 22

Title: Digital Inclusion Tech Talks and Exhibition

Dates: 24 September 2019

Place: Cairo, Egypt -  Centennial Gardens, AUC Cultural Center, Tahrir Square

Description: The Digital Inclusion Tech-Talks is a TED-style event organized by the ITU, UNESCO and the American University in Cairo (AUC) as part of the 2019 ITU-UNESCO Digital Inclusion Week for Arab States. The Week will focus on the role that information and communication technologies (ICTs) are playing in combatting non-communicable diseases (NCDs). NCDs which are today the leading cause of death worldwide. The event will highlight ongoing regional initiatives that are increasing awareness through innovative uses of information and communication technologies (ICTs), education and data to foster positive behavior change and enhance health outcomes.

Contacts: Mr. Karim Abdelghani Programme Coordinator, ITU Arab Regional Office; Paul Hector, Advisor for Communication and Information, UNESCO Regional Bureau for Sciences in the Arab States & Cluster Office for Egypt and Sudan; Omar Abdel Gawad, Programme Associate, UNESCO

Title: Celebrations of IDUAI within the framework of FIFAfrica19 and Open Talks

Dates: 23-26 September 2019

Place: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Activity 1:

September 24. Ethiopia Airlines Skylight Hotel. Within the framework of the Continental Conference on Internet Freedom in Africa 2019 (FIFAfrica19) hosted by the Ethiopia Ministry of Innovation & Technology and Collaboration on International ICT Policy for East and Southern Africa (CIPESA), taking place in Addis from 23-26 September 2019, UNESCO Liaison Office to AU and UNECA will partner with CIPESA, AccessNOW, and the Bloggers Association of Kenya for a one day skills building targeting 40 Bloggers from Ethiopia. Topics to be addressed include Bloggers Code of ethics, Fact-checking, conducting internet measurement among others. 

Activity 2

September 28.  To mark IDUAI 2019, Ethiopian Institution of Ombudsman in collaboration with UNESCO Addis Ababa office under the theme – ″Access to Information: Leaving No One Behind″ will organise Open Talks on Access to Information for public bodies. The event will aim to raise public awareness on access to information targeting federal and regional representatives, the media and other stakeholders. The Open talk will cover topics that focus on Access to Information Current status, challenges and implications and legal and structural problems that affect its implementation in Ethiopia. Participants will include institution of the Ombudsman, Prime Minister’s Office, Relevant federal ministries, commissions, agency, Regional government bureaus, Members Federal Parliament, States’ Council and other invited individuals who are concerned with freedom of information such as freedom of information advocates, and political party leaders, Media institutions and journalists

Contacts: Lydia Gachungi, UNESCO Liason Office to the African Union,; Aderaw  Genetu Tassew, Programme Specialist, UNESCO Office in Addis Abba,

Title: Access to Information, Multilingualism and Local Content

Dates: 27 September 2019

Place: New Delhi, India

Description: Raise awareness on the weak application of Access to Information policies and laws, as well as the low presence of local languages and content in cyberspace within the South Asia region. Institutions and  stakeholders will be encouraged to strengthen their understanding of the Right to Access Information and promote language use and dialect development across national borders (given the prevalence of shared and common languages across borders); lead language preservation and related capacity building efforts; promote the development of local language content; and strengthen technologies that allow indigenous languages to be used and represented more widely online. Also, stakeholders will identify best practices related to language preservation, and to champion multilingualism in cyberspace.

Contacts: Dlamini Hezekiel, Advisor for Communication and Information, UNESCO Office in New Delhi,;  Ms. Rekha Beri, Public Information Specialist,

Title: Social Media Campaign: Internet ROAMing in the Caribbean

Dates: 15-30 September 2019

Place: Kingston, Jamaica

Description: UNESCO Kingston Cluster Office will celebrate IDUAI 28 September 2019 launching a Social Media Campaign aiming at raising public awareness, with special focus on the young public in the Caribbean SIDS, on UNESCO’s contribution to SDG 16, target 10, on achieving “public access to information and fundamental freedoms”. The campaign will highlight the importance of Internet Universality based on the ROAM principles of respect of human Rights, Openness, Accessibility and Multi-stakeholder participation (M). It will be inspired by the language and creativity of the Caribbean people.

Contacts: Isabel Viera, ACI,; Erika Walker, NO-CI,; Catherina Schӧnhammer, PI, c.schӧ

Title: Workshop on Mdia and the Sustainable Development Goals

Dates: 25-26 September 2019

Place: Nairobi, Kenya - Crown Plaza Hotel

Description: The workshop is organized by ARTICLE 19 EA and JMIC Oslomet University to raise awareness among journalists on their role in development within the framework of the SDGs  and particularly SDG 16:10. The workshop will culminate in a gala dinner to be held on the evening of the second day and final day (26th September) from 6- 9 pm. The gala dinner will be held in conjunction with the Commission on Administrative Justice (CAJ),  other relevant government agencies, civil society and private sector to commemorate the International RTI Day titled “Promoting Access to Information within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Framework.

Contacts: Henry O. Maina, Regional Director, ARTICLE 19,; John Bosco, Programme Specialist, UNESCO Regional Office in Nairobi,

Title: Open-House Days at Madagascar

Dates: 26-28 September 2019

Place: Antananarivo, Madagascar

Description: Under the High Patronage of His Excellency the President of the Republic of Madagascar, Andry RAJOELINA, the Ministry of Communication and Culture organizes, in collaboration with the Ministries and Public Institutions, open-house days, within the framework of the celebration of the International Day of Universal Access to Information in Madagascar. The event will take place at the National Library, Anosy, Antananarivo. A conference and a debate on the right of access to information will be held on the afternoon of 26 September 2019, with the participation of COMNAT / UNESCO. An exhibition will also take place at the Documentation Center for Education, Science and Communication (CDESCO).

Contacts: Hasiniaina RAJAONARIVELO, National Commission of Madagascar,; +261 34 20 524 60

Title: Open Talks 2019 on Access to Information - Leaving No One Behind!

Dates: 27 September 2019

Place: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Description: Open Talks 2019 focuses on three topics: 1) Implementing access to information law in Mongolia on international standards; 2) Restrictions in the practice and use of secrecy legislation; 3) Open Information and Government Transparency. The event will be participated by members of the Working Group for monitoring and reporting on SDG indicator 16.10.2 in Mongolia, as well as media professionals and CSOs. It will also be livestreamed to the general public to raise awareness and reinforce social dialogue on the SDG16.10.2 to ensure public access to information Venue and Time Conference Hall of the UN Building

Contacts: Kh.Naranjargal, President of Globe International Center; 976 11 324764,324627

Title: Access to information: implementation and challenges

Dates: 15 October 2019

Place: Rabat, Morocco

Description: UNESCO and the Ministry of the Civil Service will organize this year's celebration "15 October 2019" in Rabat. In partnership with, the National Press Council, the Moroccan Network of Access to Information, IREX and Article 19. the event will be organized in the form of "dynamic" panels and will aim to present the results of the efforts made by Morocco stakeholders to ensure the implementation and effective implementation of the DAI. This day will also focus on the initiatives and challenges of this implementation, particularly for / by civil society and the media. Finally, a panel will be dedicated to the evaluation tools of Law 31.13 and in particular the voluntary national review of SDG 16.10.2.

Contacts: Rim Baji, Project Officer, UNESCO Office in Rabat,

Title: Fake News and the Challenges of the Nation Building in the Face of Access to Information

Dates: 25-26 September 2019

Place: Abuja, Nigeria

Description: In the light of information access, increasingly, manipulating public opinion via social media networks has become a serious concern in Nigeria. The tread of deliberate misinformation to the populace, ranging from the social interactions to political maneuvering among and between the various ethnic groups in country, to gain advantage has continued to threaten the national identity. In addition, against the backdrop of the regulatory furore over ‘fake news and hate speech’, regulatory interventions seeking to curb the flow of menace also required a careful consideration to prevent jurisprudence or hindrance to the free press.
While trying to examine these worrisome trends with workable solutions, the planned activities would like to promote cultural diversity in the cyberspace, and ensure that the voice of women and men with disabilities are constructively integrated. The event is being organized by Liztin Communications with collaboration of Nigerian Union of Journalists and UNESCO

Contacts: Olugbemiga Bamidele/Snr. Assistant National Secretary and Abdel-Rahman Muhammad

Title: Celebration of IDUAI 2019

Dates: 26 September 2019

Place: Lahore, Pakistan

Description: Under the global theme, Leaving no one behind!”, the an interactive event with university students aims to serve as an opportunity to promote open societies and explore opportunities among the challenges in accessing and maintaining flow of information through the use of Information Communication Technology (ICTs) for achieving sustainable development.
•Enhance information for development as a necessary complementary dimension to the right to information, by encouraging adoption of ICT, open access policies, and stimulating the development of Media and Information Literacy competencies
•Exchange information with relevant stakeholders regarding latest developments, best practices, on access to information, ICTs and opportunities
•Explore potential synergies among government, civil society, media and private sector in achieving access to information

Contacts: Maliha Shah, National Officer,, +92310-0070626

Title: Presentation of findings of In Focus Report -  Access to Infromation: A New Promise for Sustainable Development

Dates:  29 September 2019

Place: Nablus, Palestine

Description: The event is organized jointly by An-Najah National University, OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University, JMIC (Journalism & Media International Center) and UNESCO

Contacts: Farid Abudheir, Department of Communication and Digital Media An-Najah National University,;, UNESCO Office in Ramallah

Title: IDUAI Festival PH 2019

Dates:  28 September 2019

Place: Manila, Philippines

Description: To further increase awareness on the people’s right of access to information, the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) - Freedom of Information, in partnership with the 2030 Youth Force Philippines, will be conducting its inaugural celebration of the International Day for Universal Access to Information Festival 2019 (IDUAI Festival 2019) with the theme “Access to Information – Leaving No One Behind!” on 28 September 2019 at the Cinematheque Center, Film Development Council of the Philippines, Manila. Activities for IDUAI Festival 2019 include essay writing contest, photography contest, spoken word poetry contest, and short film contest all aimed to unleash the creativity of every Filipino in advocating government transparency through various art forms. Awarding of winners will be done at the Cinematheque Center with the presence of PCOO officials and partner agencies.

Contacts: Freedom of Information-Project Management Office (FOI-PMO), , (+632) 733 1102

Event 1:

Title: Advancing Access to Information through Internet Universality

Dates: 28 September 2019

Place: TV1 Samoa, Apia Samoa

Description: The UNESCO APIA office together with TV1 Samoa will host a Panel of Discussion on Advancing Access to Information through Internet Universality. Panelists includes representatives from the Media groups, Law Enforcemen & Law Reform, NGOs who advocate for the rights of Youth and marginalized groups (LGBTQ & Disabilities). The Panel of discussion will be filmed on September 27th and will be aired on September 28th and several time throughout the week.

Contacts: Ronna Lee, (+685) 7626301

Event 2:

Title: Radio Talk Show: Leaving NO ONE BEHIND in the Digital Era


Place: 87.5 FM Radio Apia Samoa

Description: Sharing of information about the Digital Era, Digital Ecosystem and how it is leading to new forms of inequality. Engaging Youth leaders on how they can influence digital innovation and encourage Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) to invest in relevant infrastructure, implementing law as a human right and drive sustainable Development.

Contacts: Ronna Lee, (+685) 7626301

Title: Human Right to Accessing Information (TBC)

Dates: 27 September 2019

Place: Pretoria, South Africa

Description: This event will host a variety of stakeholders such as the Information Regulator of South Africa, the South African Human Rights Commission, the University of Pretoria, government and media. Combining the efforts of this diverse group, a  dialogue will be entered into the basic human right to access information - and more specifically, to access quality and accurate information.

Contacts: Rachel Fischer,;, Programme Specialist, UNESCO

Title: MIL in action: A Master Key to Information

Dates: 24/09/2019

Place: Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre, Mässans Gata/Korsvägen,4129, Göteborg

Description: This UNESCO ‘Open Talk’ will adopt a dynamic conference format inspired by TEDxTalks organized along- side the Global MIL Week Feature Events. This international event will focus on MIL as a bridge between appropriating access to information (ATI) to stimulate achievement of the sustainable development goals. The event highlights the importance of MIL competencies for more proactive citizens who make better use of the benefits of ATI. It will feature a video message from UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General, Moez Chakchouk and three other international speakers from Canada, UK, and Australia. They will speak from three different perspectives: creative industry and journalism, media studies, and library & information science.

Contacts: Alton Grizzle, Programme Speciliast, email:

Title: Open Tech Summit Thailand 2019

Dates:1-2 October 2019

Place: Thon Buri, Thailand

Description: Under the global theme of “Leaving no one behind”, UNESCO Bangkok with the National Innovation Agency in Thailand and FOSSASIA, a community of open source and technology developers across Asia, is co-organizing an Open Tech Summit on 1-2 October in Bangkok. The objective is to promote discussions and collaboration among developers, technologists, scientists and entrepreneurs concerning the latest innovation in open technologies, including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, hardware and the Internet of Things (IOT). In the meantime, UNESCO will host its first multi-stakeholder consultation on the assessment of Internet Universality in Thailand based on the newly launched Internet Universality Indicators.

Contacts: Misako Ito, Programme Specialist, UNESCO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific; Jeremy Walden-Schertz, Media Officer, UNESCO Bangkok, (link sends e-mail)
+66 2 391 0577 ext 347

Title: Open Talks in Tunisia

Dates: 26 August 2019

Place: Tunis, Tunisia

Description: The celebration of the IDUAI 2019 will be organized with Access To Information partners in Tunisia and will focus on the main recommendations and conclusions to ensure better implementation of SDG 16.10.2. A two-day event will be organized in partnership with INAI. This event is supported by OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University, JMIC (Journalism & Media International Center)

Contacts: Rim Baji, Project Officer, UNESCO Office in Rabat, (link sends e-mail)

Title: Access to Information for good governance

Dates: 27 September 2019

Place: Kampala, Uganda - Makerere University

Description: Access to information is a fundamental human right recognised by both international and local legal instruments. It is an important pillar in the functioning of any democracy. In Uganda, the right to access information is enshrined in Article 41 of the Constitution and operationalized in the Access to Information Act, 2005. Despite these provisions, the government has recently passed subsidiary laws restricting access to information, especially in the online sphere. These restrictive laws have further been followed up by several incidents violating media and public access to information perpetuated by government security agencies. In 2018 for instance, a local NGO, Human Rights Network for journalists recorded 40 incidents of blocking media access to information, mostly perpetuated by the army and the police. This presents a worrying trend, especially as we approach the 2021 general elections. This forum will discuss ways through which access to information can be strengthened as a means of promoting good governance. This discussion is organised by Makerere University in partnership with the Journalism and Media International Center of OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University, JMIC (Journalism & Media International Center) and supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Contacts: Gerald Walulya, Lecturer, Department of Journalism and Communication, Makerere University;

Title: IDUAI Zimbabwe 2019 Commemorations

Dates: 27 September 2019

Place: Marondera, Mashonaland East Province, about 80km outside Harare

Description: Zimbabwe will join the rest of the world to commemorate the 2019 IDUAI under the global theme, Access to Information: Leaving No One Behind. The event will be an open public forum spearheaded by Ministry of ICT Postal and Courier Services and various media and ICT stakeholders, among them the government ministries, public, private and local radio broadcasters, mainstream and community print media, media civil society organisations, internet service providers and other corporate entities. These stakeholders will be joined by five hundred plus (500+) citizens in commemorating and reflecting upon some of the successes and challenges in overcoming divides and achieving SDGs in Zimbabwe. The Minister of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) Postal and Courier Services will officiate at this event.

Contacts: Ingrid Tagwireyi,Communication and Information Sector, UNESCO Office in Harare,

* This is an event organized independently of UNESCO. Their inclusion on this map does not necessarily imply endorsement by UNESCO.