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Enhancing Climate Services for Improved Water Management

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CLIMWAR_cracked earth drought © Chaisit Rattanachusri / Shutterstock
© Chaisit Rattanachusri / Shutterstock


To kick-off the CLIMWAR project, a second version of the International Symposium “Coping with Droughts and Floods” will be organized towards the end of 2018, specifically focussing on flood and drought monitoring and early warning capacities linked to vulnerability assessment and drought preparedness policies. This symposium will also allow to present the outline of the project and to consolidate the partner support for project co-implementation in pilot countries and watersheds.

At the end of the project (2020), a synthesis meeting will be held to present the final deliveries of the project and to discuss its impacts challenges remaining and the way forward.

The project will showcase its products and outcomes during forums and water events at HQs and in Africa and Latin America. On a needs basis, specific outreach material and publications will be prepared for particular stakeholders, which can take the form of policy briefs, technical publications or publications and outreach material (e.g. video) for the general public. A dedicated website will be established to keep track of all activities, news items and deliverables, similar as was developed for the MWAR-LAC project.