Anniversaries 2017 -

  • 2017 Thailand

    150th anniversary of the birth of Chao Phaya Prasadej Surendrathibodi (M.R. Pia Malakul), educator (1867- 1916) (with the support of the Republic of Korea and Viet Nam) (2017)

    M.R. Pia Malakul is one of the forefathers of modern education in Thailand at the time the kingdom began to negotiate its transformation in the context of spreading colonial influence in the region. He was among the first Thai people to receive an overseas education. Under the blessing of King Rama V, Pia came back from Europe with a plan to open universities in Thailand. Pia served as the head of the Education Department before he finally climbed to the top post, the equivalent of today’s education minister. In recognition of his great contributions, Pia was named Chao Phraya Phrasadej Surendradhibodi.