Social Service

The Social service is available for staff to deal with various individual issues related to their  installation in France (for those appointed to Headquarters) such as

  • housing and
  • children's education,
  • planning  maternity/paternity leave
  • preparing for retirement,

Any information which a staff member shares with the welfare officer remains strictly confidential.

In dealing with particular cases the welfare officer seeks to find a solution which takes into account the staff members needs, the Organizations capacity of response and any constraints of the host country.

The welfare officer also contributes in finding solutions for problems of medico-social, psychological and family order which may prevent a staff member to accomplish his/her professional duties properly. She also helps to resolve individual problems of financial and legal order in active collaboration with the relevant services of UNESCO and with partners external to the Organization (hospitals, administration and other institutions of the host country).

The welfare officer is availableto staff during working hours, you may choose to fix an appointment before coming. The welfare officer also organizes consultations with:  

  • a lawyer, once a month 
  • a notary, every second and fourth Thursdays of the month.

More information on:

  • planning  maternity/paternity leave
  • preparing for retirement,
  • social security coverage for supernumeraries, etc.