Work permits and visas


Upon arrival at Headquarters, you should contact the Protocol Unit, who will help you obtain the French Ministry Card for yourself and your family. You must provide the Protocol Unit with 5 identity photos for you and each member of your family, a copy of your National Passport with the relevant French visa (“Visa D” or “Visa Long Séjour” from the Préfecture for children above 21 years of age). Please note that children above 21 years of age will need to process the “carte de séjour” directly through the Préfecture. The Protocol Unit can provide you with a list of the documents required.

UN Laissez-Passer

United Nations Laissez-Passer is issued to a staff member who is required to travel on official mission.

The Convention on Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations stipulates that United Nations Laissez-Passers shall be recognized and accepted as valid travel documents by the authorities of Member States.

UN Family Certificate

The UN Family Certificate serves to identify the bearer as a family member of a UNESCO staff member.