UNESCO's Medical Service

UNESCO's Medical Service offers staff preventive medical advice and assistance. The Service is an important agent for improving health at work. Its mission is to:

  • encourage preventive medical monitoring; 
  • respond to emergencies on the premises;
  • look after the health and well-being of staff in the workplace;
  • test abilities to perform duties;
  • lead awareness campaigns in the workplace;
  • help manage the Medical Benefits Fund and staff absences (sick leave, maternity/paternity leave);
  • conduct medical consultations comprising diagnosis, treatment and, if necessary, orientation towards a specialist or adapted hospital structure;
  • provide a full-time on-site nurse and (or) doctor to give health advice before missions and/or respond to any unexpected health issue that arises;
  • organize the medical evacuation of members of staff in the field, if necessary.   

In case of emergency at Headquarters, dial "18" (from your fixed telephone at UNESCO, avoid using the mobile phone)

Medical consultations are available on appointment with the Secretariat : 80858 / 80864

Emergencies and nursing care do not require an appointment.

Location and working hours:

At Fontenoy: at the far end of the Yellow Wing, 2nd Floor; open, without interruption, from 9H00 to 17H30

On arrival at the Medical Service, you will be seen by a nurse who will refer you to the appropriate health professional. Various kinds of medical information (brochures, on-screen information) are available in the waiting room.

Doctors at UNESCO:

Dr Bruno Cordier: Chief Medical Officer – General Practitioner, Internal Medicine, Cardiologist (daily consultations);

Dr Youssef Gomri: General Practitioner – regular check-ups and consultations;

Dr Thérèse Beuret (Locum/Vacataires): Gynaecologist – consultations on Tuesday and Thursday mornings

Dr Alain Mercuel (Locum/Vacataires): Psychiatrist – consultations on Wednesday afternoons  

More information: