Application process

The recruitment process for Professional posts at UNESCO is as follows:

1. Applying for a job

  • You normally have two months to apply once a job is advertised on-line (one month for internal vacancies). You will receive a confirmation of your application by e-mail.   List of vacancies.

2. Screening

  • After the closing date, a Committee will select candidates on the basis of their qualifications, experience and skills (including language), as well as other relevant knowledge and abilities for a particular position.

3. Interviews

  • Selected candidates will be invited for an interview (phone interviews may be conducted beforehand to make a preliminary assessment). Reference checks will also be made relating to your previous professional experience.

4. Evaluation

  • A Panel will make the final evaluation on whether your profile matches the job.

5. Decision

  • An offer of appointment will be made to the successful candidate.