Performance management

UNESCO's performance apparaisal system is a forward-looking process integrated with the programme cycle.

It requires the definition of performance objectives (expected results/assignments) for each staff member.

Dialogue, feedback and performance coaching are key elements of this process as well as the identification of the learning and development needs of staff.

The process is interactive, participatory, and  is carried out in a spirit of partnership. The supervisor's responsibility in this process is very important.

 Over the two-year cycle, the performance appraisal is comprised of four phases:

  • Phase 1: Definition of the staff member's performance objectives over two years (expected results - assignments) in a face-to-face discussion with the supervisor.
  • Phase 2: Mid-Term Review by the supervisor to give intermediate feedback on the staff member's performance after one year.
  • Phase 3: Final appraisal by the direct supervisor, taking into account the optional self-evaluation by the staff member.
  • Phase 4: Evaluation panel at Sector/Bureau/Office level to re-examine all final evaluations.