Performance Management

UNESCO' performance assessment system is a forward-looking process, which is tightly integrated with the biannual programming cycle.

It provides a clear definition of performance objectives (expected results / assignments) for each staff member.

Dialogue, feedback and performance coaching are at the center and Learning and Development of staff is a priority.

The process is interactive, participatory, and it is carried out in a spirit of partnership. The supervisor's responsibility in this process is very important.

 Over the two-year cycle, the performance evaluation comprises four phases:

  • Phase 1: Definition of the staff member's performance objectives over two years (expected results - assignments) in a face-to-face discussion with her/his supervisor.
  • Phase 2: Mid-Term Review by the supervisor to give intermediate feedback on the staff member's performance after one year .
  • Phase 3: Final appraisal by the direct supervisor, taking into account the optional self-evaluation by the staff member.
  • Phase 4: Evaluation panel at Sector/Bureau/Office level to re-examine all final evaluations.