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CAMPUS UNESCO: Decoding the world to reimagine tomorrow

UNESCO CAMPUS are conferences-debates intending to grow the understanding of major world challenges of the young people.

Participate in a CAMPUS


1- Register on our mailing list to receive invitations for future CAMPUS

If you are a teacher and you would like your institution to participate, please fill in this online form.

Please note that CAMPUS target students from midterm and highschool and are in French.

After that you will be part of our mailing list and will receive the invitations for the future sessions of CAMPUS UNESCO.

2- Participate in a CAMPUS

Once you registered online, you will receive the invitations to future CAMPUS, at the frequency of one or two CAMPUS per month during the school year. No CAMPUS during school holidays.

To participate in a CAMPUS, you have to fill in the form received in the specific invitation for this CAMPUS.

Only classes and individuals who received an official confirmation will be accepted.

Number of seats in the conference room is limited. Classes are booked on the first come first served basis.

Please note that UNESCO CAMPUSES are free.


1- Before the CAMPUS

You will receive the topic and the speakers for your CAMPUS, around a week before the session.

Talk with your students in advance about the theme of the CAMPUS and about debate opportunities.

  • PHOTOS & VIDEOS: students can be filmed and  photographed for non-commercial use, in group or individually, during the CAMPUS. Please note that there is a possibility that we use the pictures for our internal and external communications and promotions. Make sure that students have parental authorization to be filmed or photographed.

2- During D-Day

  • LOCATION:  UNESCO CAMPUSES take place at UNESCO Headquarters, you will enter at 125 avenue de Suffren, 75007 Paris.
  • TRANSPORT: UNESCO does not offer parking facilities. We recommend using public transport.

By Metro: Ségur-UNESCO, Cambronne, Ecole militaire

By Bus: 28, 80

  • SECURITY: The site is considered international territory and belongs to the Organization’s 195 Member States. Standard Airport security procedures are applied.
  • TIMING: The CAMPUS take place in the morning.

9:00       Schools' arrival at 125 avenue de Suffren, 75007 Paris. It takes time to welcome 200-400 young people: please be on time.

9:30       Opening on the Conference Room

10:00     Beginning of the CAMPUS

11:30     End of the CAMPUS

  • DEBATE: Students are encouraged to ask questions and take part in a debate around UNESCO and CAMPUS theme with the 3 or 4 speakers.

A moderator is present in the room to facilitate the debate and will help students to play their part as young citizens. He/She is a UNESCO staff, and the experts are both civil society voluntary speakers and UNESCO staff.