CAMPUS UNESCO: UNESCO expertise to inspire the citizens of tomorrow

UNESCO CAMPUS, launched in 2014, intends to put the expertise of UNESCO teams and partners, at the service of young people, for a better understanding of major world challenges.

10 Key Topics

Women -  agents of change

Take a look at our album on this subject

  • Women who change the world around them
  • Women who are involved
  • Each in their own field: education, freedom of expression, sustainable development, culture

Live together and act for peace

Click the link to see the Nelson Mandela CAMPUS event photo gallery

  • Role of young people and learning to live together
  • Crisis response
  • Culture of peace and non-violence, intercultural dialogue

Sport and citizenship

A video of detailing our Sport and Citizenship CAMPUS is found here, and its photos here, as well as our Sport and Peace CAMPUS here

  • Challenges of sport: cohesion, education, integration
  • Fight against racism
  • Respect for values and sharing

Ocean and sustainable development

Take a look at our album of our #SaveOurOcean CAMPUS and our Oceans and indigenous peoples CAMPUS

Or equally, a video of one planet, one ocean CAMPUS; a video of indigenous peoples and oceans found here; and finally, the oceans and young people with relation to the film, ‘L’Odyssée’

  • Issues for the ocean today
  • Impact of oceans on humanity and the climate
  • Direct exchange with the captain of the boat Tara

Human Rights

Take a look at our album of our Children's Rights CAMPUS, and a video for that same CAMPUS as well as photos from a Human Rights CAMPUS

  • Declaration of Human Rights
  • Human rights violations today
  • Roma and migrants testimonies

Freedom of expression

Take a look at the photos from the Freedom of Expression event here

  • Freedom of expression: an issue now more than ever
  • Digital information
  • Role of social media

Science and research

Take a look at our album of our Women and Science CAMPUS as well as the role of research today

  • Do boys and girls have equal opportunities in science?
  • New energies
  • Digital impact

Education in extremism prevention

The teaching of the Holocaust and how to prevent genocides are documented in this photo album

  • Teaching of the Holocaust and of genocides of the 20th Century in order to prevent extremism, genocide and mass violence
  • Use of social media and the internet
  • Dangers of propaganda and hate speech

Cultural heritage and diversity

Take a look at our album of our #Unite4Heritage CAMPUS

  • Role of conventions in the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage
  • Role of partnerships between UNESCO and major museums
  • Preservation of cultural heritage in a crisis situation

Africa: beyond prejudices

Take a look at our CAMPUS dedicated to Africa

Our Campus: "Africa: beyond prejudices": the photo album.

  • History, development and entrepreneurship
  • Women leadership as an inspiring force for the continent
  • The "General History of Africa"