Building peace in the minds of men and women

CAMPUS UNESCO: Decoding the world to reimagine tomorrow

UNESCO CAMPUS are conferences-debates intending to grow the understanding of major world challenges of the young people.

Key Topics

Each CAMPUS focuses on one topic. All of them are grouped into 12 themes. Find here the topics and resources available for each of them.

UNESCO today

  • Mandates of UNESCO among UN agencies
  • UNESCO action and sustainable development goals
  • Education, science and culture for peace: hot topics, more than ever

Women, agents of change

  • Women who change the world around them
  • Women's specific involvement, locally and globally
  • Various fields of action: education, freedom of expression, sustainable development, culture

Live together and acting for peace

  • Role of young people and learning to live together
  • Crisis response
  • Culture of peace and non-violence, intercultural dialogue

Sport and citizenship

  • Challenges of sport: cohesion, education, integration
  • Fight against racism
  • Respect for values and sharing

Ocean and sustainable development

  • Issues for the ocean today
  • Impact of oceans on humanity and the climate
  • Direct exchange with the captain of the boat Tara

Human Rights

  • Declaration of Human Rights
  • Human rights violations today
  • Roma and migrants testimonies

Freedom of expression

  • Freedom of expression: an issue now more than ever
  • Digital information
  • Role of social media

Science and research

  • Do boys and girls have equal opportunities in science?
  • New energies
  • Digital impact

Education in extremism prevention

  • Teaching of the Holocaust and of genocides of the 20th Century in order to prevent extremism, genocide and mass violence
  • Use of social media and the internet
  • Dangers of propaganda and hate speech

Cultural heritage and diversity

  • Role of conventions in the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage
  • Role of partnerships between UNESCO and major museums
  • Preservation of cultural heritage in a crisis situation

A different look on Africa

  • History, development and entrepreneurship
  • Women leadership as an inspiring force for the continent
  • The "General History of Africa", in partnership with RFI