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Jacques Traoré

Research engineer, Orange Labs

Jacques Traoré is a senior research scientist in the Security Department of Orange Labs. He holds a PhD in cryptography from the University of Caen. His research interests include applied cryptography and privacy enhancing technologies. He has been involved in the past years as a project coordinator on a collaborative research project, funded by the French Research Agency (ANR), on secure internet voting systems. He has published 50+ papers in (peer reviewed) international journals and conferences and holds 20+ patents on new cryptographic primitives and protocols. Two of his patented algorithms have been recently adopted in standards developed by ISO/IEC SC27 (ISO/IEC 20008-2 and ISO/IEC 18370). He also served in several program committees of various international conferences on information security and privacy and has been an invited speaker in several international workshops and seminars on e-voting. He is a member of the AFNOR experts commission CN 27 and a French delegate to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27 "Information Security, Cybersecurity and Privacy" since 2010.