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Bosques Templados Lluviosos de los Andes Australes Biosphere Reserve, Chile

This Biosphere Reserve corresponds to a section of the Valdivian eco-region (WWF, 2006), and is a rich mosaic of ecological systems due to its considerable latitudinal and altitudinal gradients compressed in a narrow belt, giving rise to varied climatic, hydrological and soil conditions and a great variety of species and processes.

Designation date: 2007


Regional network:  Red de Comités y Reservas de Biosfera de Iberoamérica y el Caribe (IberoMAB) 

Ecosystem-based network:




    Surface : 2,168,956 ha

    • Core area(s): N/A
    • Buffer zone(s): N/A
    • Transition zone(s): N/A

    Location: N/A

    Administrative Authorities

    Waldo Rubilar and Pedro Contreras

    Tel.: +56 02 6630303
    Email: and

    Website ǀ Facebook ǀ Twitter

    Ecological Characteristics

    This BR contains four of the eleven biogeographical sub-regions identified for this eco-region: Andean Araucaria Forests; Mixed Nothofagus Forests; Andean Larch Forests and Aysen Coastal Forests. Various species of conifers are on the List of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), among them Fitzroya cupressoides, Araucaria araucana and Pilgerodendron uviferum. The first two have been declared “Natural Monuments.” The area covered by this Reserve was included in a list of 238 eco-regions, among the 800 throughout the world, hosting the planet’s most extraordinary and representative biodiversity (Dinerstein et al.1995).



    Socio-Economic Characteristics

    The main activities are ecotourism, rural tourism, fishing, animal husbandry, farming, forestry management and aquaculture.






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    Last updated: February 2020