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Picos de Europa Biosphere Reserve, Spain


The Picos de Europa Biosphere Reserve covers an area of 64,660 hectares and represents some of the highest montane systems of the large Gran Cantabrica range.

Designation date: 2003


Regional network:  EuroMAB and IberoMAB

Ecosystem-based network: 




    Surface : 63,830 ha

    • Core area(s): 16,538 ha
    • Buffer zone(s): 45,889 ha
    • Transition zone(s): 1,403 ha

    Location: -4º 51' 10.44" 43º 18' 57.24"

    Administrative Authorities

    Consorcio Interautonomico para la Gestion Coordinada de Los Picos de Europa

    Augustin Santori Lopez, Rodrigo Suarez Robledano 
    C/ Arquitecto Reguera, 13
    33004 Oviedo - Asturias 

    Tel.: 985241412 / 985255376 
    Email: and

    Website ǀ Facebook ǀ Twitter



    Ecological Characteristics

    This area was set up as a National Park in 1918 due to its relatively undisturbed natural ecosystems with habitats such as low coastal Atlantic forest, abundant beech forest (Fagus sylvatica), oak woods with Quercus robur, Quercus patraea, Quercus pyrenaica, as well as small relict sclerophyllous and sub-sclerophyllous forests. 

    The area is home to some endangered specieis, like the Ursus arctos, Canis lupus signatus and Tetrao urogallus.





    Socio-Economic Characteristics

    Traditional land uses and activities such as extensive cattle raising and agriculture (maize, cereals, fruit trees) has made a harmonious landscape. Due to the rugged landscape, there are only 1,367 inhabitants in the biosphere reserve: the main issue for them is to promote tourism respectful of nature.



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    Last updated: January 2019