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Kozjansko & Obsotelje Biosphere Reserve, Slovenia

The territory of the Biosphere Reserve is bounded by the Savinja and Sotla rivers. It represents a colourful mosaic between the Alpine and Pannonian worlds, resulting in a unique landscape. Hills, ravines, gorges, rock outcrops, karst hollows, caves and abysses, waterfalls, springs, meanders, numerous fossil remains, meadow orchards and dry meadows compose a natural environment settled by exceptional plant and animal species.

Designation date: 2010

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Regional network: EuroMAB

Ecosystem-based network:



    Surface :
     94,814 ha

    • Core area(s) : 33,908 ha
    • Buffer zone(s) : 16,212 ha
    • Tansition zone(s): 44,694 ha

    Location: 46°04'N - 15°29'E

    Administrative authorities

    Kozjanski Park Podsreda 45
    3257 Podsreda


    Tel: + 386 3 800 71 00

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    Ecological Characteristics

    The area is one of the most important nature conservation areas in
    in terms of its biotic diversity. The landscape is an extraordinary mosaic of pre-alpine mixed forest, upland meadows, meadow orchards, and flatlands along the Sotla river. The mass of torrential ravines, streams, springs, tufa waterfalls, waterfalls, swamps, ox-bows, backwaters and gravelbanks, provide exceptional and increasingly rare habitats to unusual animal and plant species, which have great importance not only within the framework of the proposed area but are also extremely important for the wider European space.




    Socio-economic characteristics

    Employment in primary activities (agriculture and forestry) only rarely predominates, generally in small settlements in hilly parts.

    Prevailing employment in non-agricultural activities appears in settlements that are more distant from employment centres or have a significant number of jobs in these activities.

    Employment in the service sector predominates closer to major employment centres or administrative or tourist centres. A moderate predominance of employment in service activities prevails for the most part in settlements in the hinterland of employment centres or high migration to more distant centres and also the share of self-employment is not negligible.

    The area is marked by a better than average preserved cultural landscape with exceptionally high quality elements of the traditional cultural heritage both in rural parts (villages) and in central settlements (market towns) with still lively elements of tradition folk culture (custums, songs, legends...).



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    Last updated: February 2020