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El Kala Biosphere Reserve, Algeria

The largest National Park in the North of Algeria, covering 76,384 ha.

Designation date: 1990


Regional network:  ArabMAB

Ecosystem-based network: Drylands and Mountains




    Surface : 76,384 ha

    • Core area(s):  N/A
    • Buffer zone(s):  N/A
    • Transition zone(s): N/A

    Location: N/A

    Administrative Authorities

    Parc National d’El Kala

    Bendjedid El Moncef
    Route des crêtes 36100
    El Kala/El Tarf

    Tel.: (213) 38 66 05 73


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    Ecological Characteristics

    The El Kala Biosphere Reserve is the last refuge of the Barbary Red Deer (Cervus elaphus barbarus), and is home to a very remarkable bird life, more than 60 000 migratory birds every winter.

    While the El Mellah Lagoon has been listed by Ramsar as an internationally important wetland, lakes Tonga and Oubiara are also of international renown due to their support to a vast biodiversity.

    It is mosaic of marine, dune, lake and forest ecosystems, with its marine strip rich in corals, Posidonia meadows and fish.



    Socio-Economic Characteristics

    Agriculture, extensive animal husbandry, apiculture, fishing and forest exploitation. 



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    Last updated: March 2019