Lower Prut Biosphere Reserve, Moldova


Located in the south of the country, this biosphere reserve encompasses the Prut River and floodplain lakes. Two-thirds of the surface of the area is occupied by Lake Beleu. A wetland area extends along the Prut River, covering a mosaic of water, meadow and forest ecosystems. The main economic activity is agriculture, which provides 90% of the inhabitant’s income.


Designation date: 2018

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Regional network:  EuroMAB

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    Surface :
    14,771 ha

    • Core area(s) : 302 ha
    • Buffer zone(s) : 1,310 ha
    • Tansition zone(s): 13,159 ha


    • Central point: 45°41'37"N - 28°10'21"E

    Administrative authorities

    Agency Moldsilva
    124 bd. Stefal cel Mare; Chisinau 2100

    Tel: +373 22272306
    Fax: +373 22277345

    Email: msilva@moldsilva.gov.md

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    Ecological Characteristics








    Socio-economic characteristics









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    Last updated: October 2018