Charyn Biosphere Reserve, Republic of Kazakhstan


Situated in the inter-montane basin of Ili, in the southeast of Kazakhstan, this biosphere reserve unites the canyon-like valley of the Charyn river with relict ash forest, deserts and steppes typical of Central Asia. The floristic diversity includes some 1,000 species of higher vascular plants. The fauna is rich and diverse. While agriculture has long been the main economic activity in the region, tourism has been developing for several years alongside cattle breeding and horticulture.


Designation date: 2018

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Regional network: South and Central Asia MAB Network (SACAM)

Ecosystem-based network:



    Surface :
    239,731 ha

    • Core area(s) : 9,427 ha
    • Buffer zone(s) : 117,622 ha
    • Tansition zone(s): 112,681 ha


    • Central point: 43°28'N - 79°10'E

    Administrative authorities


    Charyn Biosphere Reserve

    Address: 4 Kadyrbaev Str., Shonzy Town, Almaty Oblast

    Tel: +7 727 782 1433

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    Ecological Characteristics








    Socio-economic characteristics









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    Last updated: October 2018