Kopet Dag Biosphere Reserve, Islamic Republic of Iran


The biosphere reserve covers part of the Kopet-Dag mountain range, along the Islamic Republic of Iran’s border with Turkmenistan. The ecological region of Kopet-Dag is an important part of the Irano-Anatolian biodiversity hotspot, whose primary function is the conservation of many of the endangered species in this area. The main economic activities are agriculture and livestock.


Designation date: 2018

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Regional network: South and Central Asia MAB Network (SACAM)

Ecosystem-based network:



    Surface :
    34,484 ha

    • Core area(s) : 2,165 ha
    • Buffer zone(s) : 16,432 ha
    • Tansition zone(s): 15,887 ha


    • Central point: 37°46'15"N - 58°4'10"E

    Administrative authorities


    Seyed Asghar Motahari

    General Director of Provincial DoE

    Address: Dolat Blvd. Bojnord 94149-39568

    Tel: +98 9155843836

    Email: motahari1961@yahoo.com
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    Ecological Characteristics








    Socio-economic characteristics







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