Building peace in the minds of men and women

Youth Forum

The Youth Forum was a privileged space for reflection and exchanges for African youth from the continent and the diasporas. It also provided African youth with an opportunity to speak out and affirm its role in the development of the continent.

The Commitment of African Youth for the Culture of Peace is available here


The Youth Forum was divided into two thematic sessions:


1. Youth, Peace and Security

Moderator: Mr  Bonheur Djerabe Djatto, Expert in Information and Communication Technologies / Early Warning and Conflict Prevention (ECCAS)


The role of the youth in achieving peace and security now remains a major aspect of the global agenda. The Peace and Security Council of the African Union, held in Egypt on 8 November 2018, called on "all Member States to urgently implement solution 2250, remove all structural obstacles to the effective participation of young people, mobilize the necessary resources to develop long-term national action plans for the effective involvement and participation of young people in the promotion of peace and security and in national development processes".

In this first edition of the Biennale of Luanda, the youth Forum addressed three main issues: What is the level of popularization and ownership of Resolution 2250 in the Member States of the African Union? What are the best domestic practices for the implementation of this resolution? It is possible to consider the creation, at the continental level and in partnership with the African Union, of a Coalition on Youth, Peace and Security to accelerate the implementation of Resolutions 2250 and 2419?



2. Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Moderator: Mr Marius Tchakounang, Head of the French-speaking digital campus AUF (Cameroon)


  • Ms Fadwa Gmiden, Pan-African Youth Network for Culture of Peace (Tunisia);
  • Mr Zié Daouda Koné, Incubation and Innovation Centre of the National Commission for UNESCO (Ivory Coast);
  • Ms Dora Massounga, Entrepreneur in the field of tourism WARISSE Project (Gabon);

    Ms Yvette Ishimwe, General Manager of IRIBA WATER GROUP LTD (Rwanda);

  • Mr Maxwell Katekwe, Monitoring & Evaluation Officer of Restless Development (Zimbabwe);

  • Mr Jofre Euclides Dos Santos, Director General of the Youth Institute (Angola).

By necessity or choice, more and more of young people in Africa are embracing entrepreneurship either to create wealth and make profits, or to create social value and ensure their financial autonomy. This creative and innovative entrepreneurial spirit of young people is deployed and manifested in almost all areas of the social and economic life of the African continent.

This second session of the Youth Forum focused on young people answering the following questions: What are the inclusive public policies that promote the development and empowerment of African youth in African countries for the Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Innovation? Can entrepreneurship be used to help address the problem of youth unemployment?