Building peace in the minds of men and women

Forum of Ideas

A platform for reflection on the future of Africa focusing on the sharing of good practices and crisis prevention solutions 


The Forum of Ideas is mainly dedicated to the theme of “Building and perpetuating peace in Africa: A multi-stakeholder movement". It will consist several thematic sessions focusing on:

  • Refugees, returnees and internally displaced persons in Africa: Towards durable solutions to forced displacement (African Union theme of the year for 2019);
  • Africa in the world: highlighting the linkages between Africa and its diasporas;
  • Violence prevention and conflict resolution and mitigation through culture and education;
  • Conflict prevention around natural resources;
  • Promotion of a culture of peace: the role of media including social and digital media.


The Forum also provides African women and African youth with an opportunity to speak out and affirm their roles in the development of the continent. It also serves as a platform for the launch of public awareness campaigns relating to the International Day of Peace, observed on 21 September.