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Ms Nadezda Dehtereva Ms Nadezda Dehtereva's picture
Science and technology - Internet

Life without the Internet.

I asked my parents, grandparents, how could they live without internet? And what I heard:

We had a chance to see the happy time when we did not have the Internet, mobile phones. It was really a happy time. Children played in the yard, all neighbors knew each other, and all were very polite and friendly. We played football, hockey. All days we rode bicycles and bikes. We played the guitar in the evenings. And of course we played volleyball. Every person read books more often than now and children always wrote interesting questionnaire with lovely songs and also draw interesting pictures.
How amazing was winter!
We built snow castles on the children’s playground, we played snowballs. We skated and rode on the sledges. It was even more pleasant to send letters and birthday cards to each other.
And what is now? What does the mobile phone give to you? It separates us from each other. It was very pleasant to sing songs to the guitar every holiday in a big company. And now we’d like to know how can you live  without these simple sweet things…

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Advances of internet

Dear Nadezda,

Thank you very much for starting this discussion! It is interesting to find out about your parents' and grandparents'  views.

But what do you, your students, and others think? Was the world better without internet and mobile phones? Or are there also advantages, for example for learning purposes?
(see also this discussion:

What did your students think about the utility of phones after their science museum visit?

We would be very interested in hearing about your experiences.


Miriam (moderator)