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We would like to connect your school with one in the United States.  Our project is international, interdisciplinary project called “Global Bridges”.  The UNESCO website is and the project website is  Prospective classes that would be good international pairs are classes in Global Politics, Geography, World Religions, Economics, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, Environmental Science, World History, Global Perspectives, Information Technology in a Global Society, History, or Foreign Language.  This activity pairs schools in the U.S. with schools overseas.  It opens dialogue between cultures.  Students will develop a multidimensional geographical global perspective and an understanding and empathy for people in other places.   Students will gain the ability to understand critical world issues and understand the world from a perspective other than their own.  As empowered global citizens, the more our students know about recognizing the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly complex, diverse, and interconnected world, the better they will be able to effectively participate in it.  Classes that participate in this project will use teleconferencing technology to communicate with students in foreign countries.  Geography comes alive as students engage in authentic field work and original research through the use of photography and the interactive multimedia formats of maps, text, audio, still images, animation, graphs, charts, geo-spatial representations of information, and video.  Students create engaging rich media presentations teaching students in other countries about their cities.  Students work cooperatively and creatively with others to communicate and articulate thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively through the presentation media. Students then compare and contrast their local geography with students in other parts of the world.  Students gain critical cultural knowledge through exchanges such as these. Students also gain in-depth content knowledge by applying basic knowledge to real locations that have meaning to them.

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